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Problem Management

Problem Management

ServiceNow® Problem Management makes it possible to restore services quickly—often helping you prevent issues from happening in the first place. With a structured workflow for diagnosing root causes and fixing problems, ServiceNow empowers you to eliminate recurring incidents and minimise the impact of unexpected disruptions.

Automated workflows allow problem managers to easily document workarounds and solutions, so IT teams can focus and get more done. With a consolidated view of the incidents and related changes, IT can deliver faster responses and solutions.


Minimise service disruptions by proactively using built-in dashboards for service performance and configurations

Speed up service restoration by creating immediate visibility into known errors and workarounds for all IT staff to use

Accelerate root cause resolution with structured problem analysis and by correlating problems and coordinating workflows

Application Highlights

Manage problems through resolution and get deeper insights into performance trends

Get a dashboard view of open problems by priority

Manage problems through resolution and get deeper insights into performance trends

Quickly generate knowledge base articles from known errors

Create articles instantly with easy to use templates

Quickly generate knowledge base articles from known errors

Associate a single problem with multiple changes

Discover connections between known errors and updates

Associate a single problem with multiple changes

Feature Details

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  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

    Find and address potential failure points by periodically reviewing configuration item (CI) relationship maps and ensuring ServiceNow CMDB accuracy with built‑in data certification. Determine the impact and potential cause of a problem with right‑click access to service relationships and CI health.

  • Knowledge Base

    Speed resolution times, slash service disruption, and minimise business impact by publishing solutions and workarounds on the spot. When a known error is documented, a single click generates a Known Error Article in the knowledge base—saving time and effort in fixing recurring issues in the future.

  • Remediation Plans

    Empower IT to reduce future disruptions from repeat incidents by giving them a tool that stops disruptions at the source. IT can schedule remediation plans through ServiceNow Change Management to permanently remove errors.

  • Coaching Assessments

    Monitor critical moments of the problem management process in real time. Allow coaches the opportunity to quickly intervene to correct any mistakes that could cause more trouble or delay service restoration. 

  • Best Practices

    Out‑of‑the‑box process best practices make it easier to support and manage problems through six states: New, Assess, Root Cause Analysis, Fix in Progress, Resolved, and Closed. A problem can be used to document any available workaround, root cause, and fix. You can search for and link to problems while working on an incident.

  • Automated Notifications

    Increase transparency and collaborate more effectively by providing updates to all service subscribers with automated, subscriptionbased notifications. Notifications can be pushed via email or within your instance. 

  • Reports and Dashboards

    Provide real‑time transparency into operations with configurable role‑based dashboards for Problem Manager and Problem Coordinator roles. Identify and remediate abnormal patterns and trends before they become problems with built‑in reporting and ServiceNow Performance Analytics


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