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Studio IDE

Give developers a single place to build and deploy apps. Debug your code and manage source control within one tool. Spend more time innovating and get more done.

Benefits of Studio IDE

Give developers a central hub

Code, debug, manage source control and deploy—all from a single location.

Build your apps faster

Get mobile and desktop apps up and running with guided app creation.

Work as a team

Grant developers of all skill levels access to specific application resources in a project.

Features of Studio IDE

Use Git repositories for integrated source control

Integrated source control

Manage, version, branch and collaborate on your application using Git repositories.

Analyze code and debug scripts in real time

Script debugging

Set break points and analyse the inner workings of your code in real time. Isolate and eliminate issues.

Deploy applications with one click

Easy publishing

Deploy your application with the click of a button.

Grant specific edit right for application resources

Delegated development

Grant citizen developers edit rights for specific application resources, such as forms and reports.

Additional features

Guided app creation

Create mobile and desktop user interfaces with step-by-step guidance.

Unified UI editing

Manage your mobile and desktop UIs easily in one place.

Get Source Control and CI/CD with the Now Platform

How to get Studio IDE

Studio IDE is available with the Now Platform®. Build digital workflow apps and extend your ServiceNow® solutions with a leading platform as your foundation.

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