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Surveys and Assessments

Create surveys to measure customer experience and expectations. Collect detailed process and performance insights from stakeholders via assessments.

Benefits of Surveys and Assessments

Get actionable feedback

Analyse, publish and link survey results to records automatically so you know where to improve.

Make informed evaluations

Use comprehensive assessment data to score and rank items, providing normalised, weighted results.

Deliver consistent experiences

Build services, surveys and assessments on the Now Platform® for a superior experience every time.

Enhance chatbot performance

Automate feedback loops and simplify surveys for continual improvement in the Virtual Agent app.

Features of Surveys and Assessments

Create and publish surveys and ITSM assessments easily

Intuitive survey designer

Create, configure and publish surveys using a single, visual interface that’s intuitive.

See customer satisfaction survey insights in one view

Assessment feedback

Get deep project, vendor and sales process insights. Evaluate, rank and view normalised scores.

Get response charts from service management assessment

Real-time dashboards

Generate charts by question, category, respondent count or other metrics and see historical trends.

Create, schedule, and send a ServiceNow survey

Single interface admin

Let agents or managers create, schedule and send surveys and assessments—all from one place.

Additional features

Mobile-friendly interface

Make responding simple and engaging with emojis to show customer satisfaction level on any device.

Dynamic conditions

Assign surveys to individuals or groups easily and customise questions based on user responses.


Protect personal data using access controls. Retain deactivated survey results for easy auditing.

Full platform integration

Manage, administer and respond to surveys and assessments easily within the Now Platform.

Internal and external surveys

Choose to make customer satisfaction surveys public or invite specific respondents—it’s up to you.

Surveys and Assessments is on the Now Platform

How to get Surveys and Assessments

Surveys and Assessments is available with the Now Platform. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business.

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