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Vendor Manager Workspace

View and manage vendor services from a single workspace. With consolidated insights into vendor performance, you can make data-driven decisions and maximise value for your organisation.

Go beyond your instincts with meaningful data.

Benefits of Vendor Manager Workspace

Single pane view

View consolidated vendor information in a single workspace to actively manage relationships.

Automated performance updates

Track performance automatically with real-time operational data captured with the Now Platform®.

Standardised metrics

Remove the guesswork around assessing performance with integrated, standardised metrics.

App highlights

Alt Text	Scan a list of all your vendors with key attributes

Vendor directory

View a centralised list of all your vendors and their attributes to get a pulse on their health.

Evaluate detailed metrics from the vendor landing page

Vendor profile

Drill down into individual metrics affecting a vendor’s overall score.

Identify service level agreement breaches

SLA tracking

Validate vendor performance against SLAs and other contractual obligations.

Track user satisfaction with vendors

Vendor satisfaction

Collaborate with stakeholders to gauge satisfaction with vendors and take corrective action.

What you get with Vendor Manager Workspace

Vendor directory

Compare vendor scores, contract costs, and other attributes in a single view.

Vendor profile

Get a snapshot view of a vendor, including overall score, supporting metrics, and contact info.

Vendor satisfaction

Work with stakeholders to assess satisfaction with vendors and take corrective action as needed.

Single pane view

Get a consolidated view of your vendor investments from a single workspace.

Contract review

Review and evaluate vendor contracts and obligations all in one place.

Cost management

Identify duplicate services between vendors to improve user experience and reduce costs.

Compliance monitoring

Stay on top of service issues to ensure good governance and compliance.

Standardised metrics

Track vendor performance to make meaningful decisions with integrated, standard metrics.

SLA tracking

Validate vendor performance against SLAs to take corrective action or assess chargebacks.

Automated scoring

View detailed vendor scores automatically updated with operational data from the Now Platform.

Objective reporting

Evaluate vendor performance based on real data, not vendor self-reporting.

How to get Vendor Manager Workspace

Vendor Manager Workspace is available as part of IT Service Management. Increase productivity and achieve new insights with an innovative ITSM solution.