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ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott

Behind every great experience is a great workflow

Let me share how ServiceNow makes the world of work, work better for people.

An open letter from ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott

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Behind every great experience is a great workflow

We all want great experiences. It’s what every business aspires to deliver. Because great experiences drive fierce customer loyalty and create powerful employee engagement. Great experiences unleash productivity and fuel innovation. And that’s how great companies win.
Getting there isn’t easy. Every C-suite leader knows this. They’re chasing digital this and digital that, but transformation feels like a slog, not a sprint. Legacy systems and siloed processes get in the way. Yesterday’s software, designed to solve yesterday’s problems, lacks the digital chops to satisfy today’s expectations, or to seize tomorrow’s opportunities. Complexity prevails. Simple is still too hard.
At ServiceNow, we believe in making work, work better for people. Let people work the way they want to, not how most software dictates they have to. Let people easily build the experiences they dream of.
It’s all about workflow. Behind every great experience is a great workflow. Orchestrating complex workflows means enabling existing systems and processes across your business to work better together. It means designing workflows that work the way your business needs, enabling the experiences your employees want and your customers expect.
The Now Platform empowers a smarter way to workflow. ServiceNow enables workflows across your business, across departments, systems and processes. With the Now Platform, work flows naturally, the way it’s supposed to. And when work flows naturally, great experiences follow.
That’s a great way to win.
Let’s talk.

Bill McDermott, CEO ServiceNow

The Now Platform® orchestrates the complex cross-enterprise workflows that empower great employee and customer experiences.

That’s the smarter way to workflow™.

The future belongs to the companies that can inspire employees and drive fierce customer loyalty. Let’s connect and write the next chapter together.

Bill McDermott
Chairman and CEO

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