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NTT Data uses CSM on the Now Platform
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NTT Data integrates multiple systems with the Now Platform


Reduction in monitoring and maintenance workloads


System to replace five systems


Months to develop a new system

NTT Data integrates systems to transform monitoring and maintenance operations through centralized information management and rapid system development.

Building a central system

NTT Data is a Japanese IT systems integrator, one of the world’s largest. The business was founded in 1988 and now operates worldwide. Today, group activities include software, consultancy, and online payments. Revenues for 2019 were more than $21 billion. In Japan, NTT Data’s Network Solutions Division provides telephone line resale and maintenance services to approximately 1,000 customers.

Consolidation to support growth

Like others in the group, as the Network Solutions Division expanded, it found itself working from multiple systems. In order to provide high value-added services to customers, it needed to integrate multiple systems and centrally manage information. “It was also important to make operations efficient as soon as possible through speedy system development,” says Masatatsu Miura, Deputy Manager - Network Solutions Division, Business Solutions Sector, NTT Data.

“We decided to use cloud services, but we needed to find out which cloud services were strongest in which business fields, and determine their strengths before implementing them.”

Enables the launch of Mana PlaS®

After considering how to configure the system, it was decided to select the best cloud service for each business application and combine them into a multi-cloud environment. This is the Mana PlaS® system. Within this, ServiceNow aPaaS and SaaS have been adopted for monitoring and maintenance tasks such as incident management and construction event management, and the same platform can handle everything from development to operation. 

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NTT Data
NTT Data
Tokyo, Japan
IT Services

The speed and flexibility of ServiceNow has been a powerful ally for us as we work to automate our monitoring and maintenance operations.

Masatatsu Miura

Deputy Manager, Network Solutions Division, Business Solutions Sector

Reduced monitoring and maintenance

By utilizing the features of the Now Platform, accurate data on failures and other issues can now be viewed simultaneously in real-time by all parties involved. This has reduced time loss and human labor by about 20%. This has also allowed the company to develop its own programs with minimal coding, enabling it to provide high value-added services for customers.

Creates a roadmap to automation

For NTT Data, the Now Platform is ideal for centralized management of information because it allows the building of applications with a single database. Taking advantage of this feature, there are plans to automate maintenance using accumulated data analysis and even enhance its functions for preventive detection. It will also become advanced enough to link to mobile devices, enabling the import of mobile data into the database and also allow maintenance operations to be done via mobile devices.

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