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Expand citizen development across the organisation. Socialise your successes and connect to your KPIs. Build on your progress with regular evaluations and retros.

Spark new interest and keep citizen developers engaged with continuous improvements.

Prevent programme fatigue and grow your resources.

Expand citizen development

You found them, trained them, supported them and launched your pilot. Now it is time to celebrate the successes of your citizen developers. Promoting your programme involves communicating the successes to your larger organisation and creating executive summaries for your leadership teams.

Invite citizen developers to participate in a champions programme to evangelise citizen development. The Citizen Development Program Manager should collaborate with IT admins to set expectations for the programme.

Perks for champions:

  • Early access to new features and demos
  • Special access to learn from ServiceNow experts
  • ServiceNow certification programme participation*
  • Experience mentoring new citizen developers
  • Status within the community

Build a platform for citizen developers to showcase successes. Create a template for citizen developers to:

  • Describe the problem they were trying to solve
  • What tools they used
  • What the outcome of the app is
  • Detail success metrics
  • Provide demo and screenshots

Use your community or an internal website to create this platform. Ensure you incorporate a feedback mechanism and allow for comments and questions.

*70% of certified citizen developers say their certifications helped their career.

Continue to assess and make improvements to plans and processes. Weigh outcomes against your original vision and KPIs to assess progress. Plan for regular programme evaluation with:

  • Participation metrics
  • Quantity and quality of apps review
  • Programme satisfaction surveys
  • ROI and cost-analysis data

Review participation rewards and goals. Celebrate the collaboration of IT and your citizen developers with new education offerings, certifications and opportunities.

Externally promote your successes to demonstrate leadership in the citizen development space. Increasing awareness can serve as outreach to potential new citizen developers.

The value of your citizen development programme is the innovation it achieves through collaboration between IT and citizen developers. It provides a means for your organisation to move faster and more effectively.

Using low-code app dev and engaging developers of every skill level fuels business growth and expands your resources. To start on the right path, you need to start on the right platform.

All the planning becomes just an exercise if you're not working with the right partner. ServiceNow understands your journey. The Now Platform® offers the capabilities you need to set your citizen developers on the path to app production. With our expertise and resources, we can help you at every step of your journey.

Evaluate governance

Take a flexible approach with your apps and implement a dynamic approach with your governance model.

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Add the right level of governance based on the app being developed. As more and more apps are brought into your processes, your IT and citizen development teams will become more familiar with the type of governance required for each custom app. This is dynamic governance.

Assessing the level of governance depends on the:
  • App being built
  • Criticality of the app
  • Complexity
  • Security risk
  • Type of data used
  • Type and number of users
  • Developer skills and training
Best-in-class governance continuously improves. Determine how you’ll revisit and improve governance over time to ensure that you can continue delivering value while mitigating risks.

Incorporate an app and developer review board to assess projects at different stages of development. This team will review app ideas and determine the level of governance needed, help with code reviews and QA or user testing.

At this stage, IT admins can also introduce a second level of governance for less critical or complex apps. Automating some of the DevOps process is also possible.

App support

Citizen developed apps will need support and maintenance during their lifecycle.

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Assess citizen developed apps on an app-by-app basis to determine the level of support it will need during its lifecycle as well as who should provide on-going support. Options for supporting the app include:
  • IT support
  • Citizen developer support
  • Support from the citizen developer’s BU
  • Any combination of the above
Once you decide who will provide support, roles and responsibilities need to be documented. Plan for knowledge transfer in case a citizen developer moves into a new role.

Setting clear expectations with SLAs for the support for each app will help set stakeholder expectations and plan for the needed resources.

Auditing apps

Perform health assessments to check the quality of your apps.

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The best way to maintain the right amount of governance is to get your IT admins and Citizen Developer Program Manager to periodically review where they can simplify their decision-making processes and policies

This goes beyond searching for where you can remove bottlenecks in approval processes. It involves auditing the portfolio of existing governance policies and processes and looking specifically for opportunities for simplification.

Assuring the quality of the apps being produced impacts your overall programme success. Periodically performing an app audit is a necessity in both development and production.

In development, IT admins should:
  • Look for apps that have not gone to production – these could be abandoned apps
  • Review apps that haven’t been updated in 60+ days
  • Consider archiving these apps to keep their dev environment clean
Apps that are still active in production will still have a copy in development where bugs can be fixed, or enhancements can be made. IT admins should NOT archive those apps.

In production, IT admins want to avoid:
  • App sprawl
  • Performance issues
Searching for apps with low usage that might be good candidates for deprecation helps prevent app sprawl. Searching for multiple apps that address the same issue that could be combined into a single app can also help.

To avoid performance issues, IT admins should review:
  • Apps that have poor performance
  • Apps that have high usage on specific days, but low usage on others
  • Apps that have a high number of incidents
These apps may be able to be optimised by professional developers to improve performance or IT admins can modify the schedules of automated jobs to account for high usage days.
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