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Baloise uses App Engine on the Now Platform
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Baloise uses ServiceNow to digitize claims processes


Platform to house every claim


Months to design, engineer, and deploy

Claims processed in hours, rather than days

The Baloise Group replaced a manual, inefficient, and labor-intensive B2B claims process for a global pharma company. By combining ServiceNow technology with the skills of a Premier partner to design and build an online portal, all workflows are now simplified and digitized.  

Security and peace of mind
The Baloise Group, also known as Basler Versicherungen, has been providing security and peace of mind for citizens and businesses for 150 years. It began life as a fire insurance company at the border of Switzerland, Germany, and France, to provide protection against the risks of fires in local sawmills and wood processing plants.

Global cover
Among Baloise Group’s B2B customers is a global pharmaceutical company which distributes pharma and consumer health products through more than 150 logistics centers across the globe. The insured turnover of the goods shipped is over $60 billion per year. If parcels are damaged in transit, or delivery vehicles are involved in accidents, anywhere in the world, these events trigger claims utilizing Baloise’s insurance policies. Traditionally these claims were handled via paper forms, telephone calls, and emails, resulting in processes that were slow, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and difficult to manage through to a successful outcome.

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Baloise Group
Baloise Group
Basel, Switzerland
Financial Services

Thanks to ServiceNow and Arctive AG, not only do we have a great solution for a very important customer, but it’s highly scalable too.

Patrick Czerwinski

Project Leader


Streamline and digitize
Baloise worked with Swiss ServiceNow Premier partner, Arctive AG, to develop a bespoke “claims portal”, using the Now Platform to fully streamline and digitize the end-to-end claims process. With this portal, insurance claims can be submitted, regardless of where they occurred, in local currency and routed correctly to the middle- and back-office staff at Baloise. The branded portal provides a simple, intuitive, step-by-step process for the user, helping them to complete online forms and to upload documentation and photographs to enable the claim to proceed smoothly and at pace.

“Arctive AG is a specialist ServiceNow partner with extensive product knowledge and we could see very quickly that the rich functionality of the Now Platform would enable us to meet Baloise’s precise needs, and to deliver  a solution swiftly,” explains Christian Tuebing, CEO at Arctive AG.

Extensive functionality
The new, tailor-made portal has transformed the user experience, replacing an expensive and inefficient bottleneck, with a consumer-grade and streamlined digital process, with extensive functionality befitting an organization of the stature of Baloise’s pharma customer. Now, each claim can be forensically examined, with each step fully transparent, enabling claims managers to instantly assess the overall volume of claims, the status of each individual claim, and prompt any actions necessary to move it to completion.

World-class solution
“The portal has been a tremendous success for our customer. We’ve used a great combination of ServiceNow technology and Arctive AG’s expertise to quickly produce a high quality, user-friendly solution, which was very important for our customer’s reputation as a world-class business,” explains Patrick Czerwinski, Project Leader at the Baloise Group.

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