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DXC Technology unifies HR service delivery


Unified platform for all employees

17 weeks to go live, a record time

Improved CSAT scores significantly, and rising


Leading digital transformations for clients

As the world’s leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, DXC Technology leads digital transformations for clients by modernizing and integrating their mainstream IT, and by deploying digital solutions at scale to produce better business outcomes.

The company’s technology independence, global talent, and extensive partner network—including ServiceNow—enable 6,000 private and public sector clients in 70 countries to thrive on change. With 100,000+ employees worldwide, DXC Technology has successfully guided the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies through successful change cycles.

Rationalize and modernize HR service delivery
Following the company’s formation in 2017, via a merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology wanted to unify its HR service delivery.

Successful mergers depend on meticulous planning and surgical execution. That’s why DXC decided early on that it needed a consistent, efficient, and intuitive way to deliver HR services. Following its creation via the merger, the company was faced with diverse regional HR processes and multiple legacy HR service delivery systems.

According to Manish Gurnani, DXC’s Director of HR Shared Services, “Our existing HR support systems were too expensive and didn’t deliver the experience that our employees deserved. For example, a significant percentage of DXC staff were still using an antiquated telephony-based system. We wanted to make HR services consistent and easy to use, creating a ‘one DXC’ experience for everyone.  And we had to do it quickly before the transitional support agreements for our existing systems ran out.”

Handling diverse regional HR needs
DXC chose ServiceNow HR Service Delivery as its new global HR employee experience platform. DXC needed a single solution that could be implemented quickly that still accommodated a diverse HR process across different countries, languages, and practices.

Manish explains, “ServiceNow HR Service Delivery was the only product that allowed us to address these competing priorities. ServiceNow is also a DXC partner, so we had the skills in-house that we needed to tackle an enterprise-wide deployment.”

DXC went live in record time
DXC first went live with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery in just 17 weeks and then extended the solution to DXC’s entire employee base worldwide in an additional 14 weeks. With the rapid rollout, DXC was able to retire its legacy HR support systems and recognize significant further cost reductions, saving twice its annual system support costs.

Manish credits this rapid and successful rollout to the combination of the strength of DXC’s global ServiceNow practice and the flexibility of the Now Platform® capabilities. “DXC’s ServiceNow services team focused on business outcomes from the very first workshop. When it came to execution, the team looked beyond technology and focused on organizational change management, communications, and training. That’s how you deliver at enterprise scale, and it’s a fundamental reason why DXC successfully implemented the ServiceNow solution.”

DXC Technology
Tysons, Virginia
IT Services

With ServiceNow, we’ve made HR service delivery integrated, intuitive, and iterative.

Manish Gurnani

Director of HR Shared Services


Intuitive, effortless, and secure HR experience
Now, DXC employees have a single, intuitive portal for all of their HR services. It is an integrated and iterative platform that adapts to each employee’s region, status, and practice. With ServiceNow Employee Service Center, employees can search an extensive knowledge base of online HR policies and procedures, open and submit cases, choose from a comprehensive library of HR services, and chat with live HR agents when in need of high-touch support.

Manish adds, “With ServiceNow, we’ve made HR service delivery integrated, intuitive, and iterative.” And, because the employee service center is accessible externally, as well, prospective employees, former employees, and vendors can also securely access HR services in an environment that protects personal data and is GDPR compliant.

Intelligent routing
Once an employee submits the case or service request, ServiceNow routes it to the correct HR support expert or team. With this automated routing approach, DXC has found that it no longer needs a tier-one support group, which reduces costs and shortens service delivery times. Throughout the process, employees can track the status of their case or request, receive progress notifications, and accept or reject the provided HR resolution.

DXC now has the HR visibility it needs
As DXC matures its ServiceNow solution, the company is continuously improving the HR services it delivers to employees. The results are clear: since DXC launched ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, employee satisfaction scores have risen significantly and continue to trend upward.

According to Manish, “While we are far from being perfect, with ServiceNow, we get improved visibility across our entire HR service life cycle. That allows us to proactively identify service issues and resolve them. For example, we had one situation where ServiceNow showed us that we were getting 1,500 tickets a day on a single topic. By drilling into information in ServiceNow, we were able to find the root cause and fix it. Now, the number of tickets on that topic is negligible.”

He continues, “We are also able to identify individual employees who are experiencing problems. For example, if they have raised five tickets in the last two weeks, we are pretty sure they are in distress. That allows us to reach out and help them. That’s a perfect example of how automation allows HR to focus on what’s important—delivering high-touch services where they make the most difference.”

The bottom line
DXC’s HR ServiceNow journey has been transformative. In a timely manner, DXC went from longstanding legacy systems to a single, consistent HR Service Delivery solution providing intuitive HR services to 100,000+ employees. This rapid rollout is testament to the flexible capabilities of the Now Platform and the experience and scale of DXC’s global ServiceNow practice—strengths that customers of ServiceNow and DXC can leverage to drive their own successful HR service transformation.

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