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APIs and Integration Tools

Integrate and automate ServiceNow® with any system or data with comprehensive APIs and low-code solutions.

Benefits of APIs and Integration Tools

Automate and connect anything to ServiceNow

Integrate ServiceNow workflows quickly with IntegrationHub spokes, flow templates, and solutions.

Connect to ServiceNow with inbound web services

Access all data elements, push external data, and initiate actions on ServiceNow applications.

Move, map, and transform data

Import data from any source and export data to any target.

Use robust scripting for advanced automations

Utilize fine-grained control for complex business logic.

Features of APIs and Integration Tools

Interact with ServiceNow instances using 50+ REST APIs

Web services APIs

Provide powerful access to manipulate data and initiate actions on ServiceNow instances.

Use API integration tools to outdo declarative tooling

JavaScript APIs

Go beyond out-of-the-box declarative tooling with robust scripting APIs for complex logic.

Bolster API integration with data import and export

Data import/export

Employ ETL capabilities with import and export sets, and data extraction with FTP, HTTP, ODBC, and JDBC.

Connect ServiceNow instances to systems securely

MID Server

Connect ServiceNow instances to systems securely behind a network firewall.

Additional features

IntegrationHub ETL

Streamline CMDB data ingestion with an easy-to-use extract/transform/load tool.


Support the ingestion of IoT-level data with our time series database.

Scripted REST APIs

Create custom APIs for anything not available with out-of-the-box REST APIs.

Event-driven integrations

Trigger actions in ServiceNow based on external events with webhooks and support for Confluent Kafka.

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