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Want a better work-life balance?


Customer Operations support services

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Case acknowledgement, against goal of 24 hours


Reduction in email volume

Powering global ecommerce
Digital River, founded in 1994, provides flexible, API-powered ecommerce solutions to new and established customers across the world. Originally a content delivery framework, Digital River evolved its offering in line with demand to monetize ecommerce. Today it powers $3 billion in digital transactions for customers every year. Customer-centricity has always been a driving force for this disruptor company.

Improving support services
When you’re in the business of processing online transactions for customers, trust and transparency are key. But they can be challenging to provide at scale. Digital River reached a point of maturity where it decided to invest in technology that aligned with its business objectives to continue providing an amazing customer experience at scale.

The team decided to start its transformation with an everyday process that has a big impact on both the employee and customer experience—replacing manual email-based processes with a central support platform for staff and customers.

It also wanted to align internal teams and unlock greater visibility of operations to give customers information about the status of systems underpinning Digital River services. After an RFP in 2018, it built a solutions center using ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) and ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) with a small, in-house team.

“ServiceNow is powerful and accessible. We didn’t need a huge team of developers with a broad range of skills—between us we had the brainpower to bring our vision to life and keep the project lean,” says Ryan Douglas, Chief Operations Officer at Digital River.

24/7 support
As well as transforming technology, the team redefined processes and best practices to improve efficiency. “For the first time in our history, we created a dedicated 24/7 support team to handle requests around the clock,” says Douglas. “That meant a better work-life balance for our previous team, who didn’t need to be on call out of hours.”

In addition to the new support team, customers and staff can log into a central portal on ServiceNow to access knowledge articles, perform searches, and create a case—all processes that were previously done by emailing the support team.

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Digital River
Digital River
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We usually build systems in-house, so we were astonished by the power of ServiceNow and the out-of-the-box functionality.

Ryan Douglas

Chief Operations Officer


Improving KPIs
While ServiceNow Customer Service Management has transformed the customer experience, ServiceNow IT Operations Management monitors the environment and streamlines change, event, and incident management. For example, systems data is pulled into dashboards on a public-facing webpage to give customers visibility of the status of all Digital River’s systems, so they can see at a glance if there’s an outage.

A scalable platform
As the company grows, the solutions center will scale and evolve with more self-service functionality, eventually leveraging the power of AI and machine learning to enhance predictive analysis, for example.

With the solutions in place, Digital River has seen an increase in its Net Promoter Score and the team is excited for the future.

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