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Privacy Management

Identify and manage privacy risk as part of a holistic risk program across the enterprise. Stay compliant with evolving global privacy regulations.

Benefits of Privacy Management

Support privacy by design concepts

Embed privacy management into daily workflows, making it a natural part of the enterprise fabric.

Stay on top of risk and compliance

Identify risks, incidents, and compliance violations in real time through continuous monitoring.

Unify and scale privacy data governance

Keep privacy top of mind with a single platform, consistent cross-functional automation, and AI/ML.

Build customer and employee trust

Communicate effectively—help ensure data protection across the enterprise as well as third parties.

Features of Privacy Management

Using a common taxonomy for easy management

Agnostic framework

Import any privacy regulation into a common taxonomy for easy policy and compliance management.

Continuous monitoring for better data protection

Automated controls testing

Replace a point-in-time approach with ongoing monitoring to identify violations and respond faster.

Connecting third-party integrations

Third-party integrations

Support data discovery of personal information and access to libraries of current regulations.

Triggering actions based on assessment responses

Response-triggered actions

Apply controls, tag personal info, and update processing activity records from assessment responses.

Additional features

Processing activity identification

Use a record of processing activity (ROPA) or automatically detect an application record change.

Smart issue management

Use AI/ML to assign, group, and suggest remediation—reducing time spent from days to just minutes.

Privacy impact assessments

Assess how personal data is collected, used, accessed, shared, safeguarded, and stored to gauge risk.

Policy lifecycle management

Automate a consistent approval and review process for up-to-date policies with a pre‑set lifecycle.

Policy exceptions

Review and assess exceptions appropriately for a truer view of your enterprise’s compliance posture.

Workspaces and portals

Work better with persona-based user experiences and service portals to submit privacy inquiries.

Supplier privacy assessment

Use Vendor Risk Management to assess third-party privacy risk for a stronger privacy posture.

Privacy Management is available with GRC

How to get Privacy Management

Privacy Management is available with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Manage risk and resilience in real time.

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