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Your Enterprise needs to move faster, but lack of process and legacy tools hold you back. Every day, thousands of customer requests, IT incidents, and HR cases follow their own paths, moving back and forth between people, machines, and departments. Unstructured. Undocumented. Unimproved for years.


With the ServiceNow System of Action you can replace these unstructured work patterns of the past with intelligent workflows of the future. Now every employee, customer, and machine can make requests on a single cloud platform. Every department working on these requests can assign and prioritize, collaborate, get down to root cause issues, gain real‑time insights and drive to action. Your employees are energized, your service levels improve, and you realize game‑changing economics.

Solutions for the Entire Enterprise

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IT can increase agility and lower costs by consolidating legacy tools into a modern, easy‑to‑use service management solution in the cloud.

Security Operations

Security can collaborate with IT to resolve real threats fast—using a structured response engine to prioritize and resolve incidents based on service impact.

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Customer Service

Customer service can drive case volume down and customer loyalty up—by assessing product service health in real time and working across departments to quickly remediate service issues.


HR can consumerize the employee service experience with self‑service portals and get the insights they need to continually improve service delivery.

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Building Business Apps

Any department can quickly build business applications to automate processes—with reusable components that help accelerate innovation.

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