Access Control

You have full control of entitlements granted to each of your end users in a ServiceNow instance. This includes a built‑in Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanism for creating user, group, and role objects. This makes it easy for you to assign access to applications and data within your instances.

Access Control Rules and Lists (ACLs) in conjunction with RBAC allow you to control access to entire tables, records, or fields. Several out‑of‑the box ACLs are included with your ServiceNow instance and you also have the ability to define your own ACLs to suit your needs. The ACLs control individual entitlements around creating, reading, writing, and deleting tables, records, and fields.


To help manage role assignments, you can integrate your instances with directory services, such as LDAP and Active Directory. This lets you leverage existing users and groups as well as easily manage users and access within your ServiceNow instances.