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Cutting Workers’ Comp claims

How Cox Automotive helps their employees and clientele avoid injuries

Donna Woodruff is a service enablement leader at Cox Automotive, a global enterprise and ServiceNow customer. She has built many business applications to make work simpler for staff, and she says one of the most unique things that she and her small team did using the Now Platform™ was build a safety app for the company’s auctions.

Donna Woodruff is a service enablement leader at Cox Automotive, a global enterprise and ServiceNow customer. She has built many business applications to make work simpler for staff, and she says one of the most unique things that she and her small team did using the Now Platform™ was build a safety app for the company’s auctions.

“We have hundreds of [car] auctions. There’s a lot of people working in the auctions. We have everything a dealership would have, and we have lanes of vehicles running through to be auctioned off with our dealerships. We have service areas with vehicles and people moving about the auction. So safety is a very critical thing for our organization,” said Donna.

Accidents and injuries at auto auctions are relatively rare, but they do occur too often, especially if you are an injured party or an organization being sued by an injured party.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics indentifies “Transportation incidents” as responsible for the most fatal occupational injuries in 2015‑2016, so naturally there’s concern to improve on accidents with vehicles wherever they may be.

In May, 2017, there was a deadly accident in Billerica, MA at a car auction run by a company not affiliated with Cox Automotive. According to a Boston Globe article, “a Jeep Grand Cherokee suddenly accelerated toward the crowd, striking a dozen bystanders and killing three.”

Auto auction houses can be small with only a couple of lanes of vehicles and run all the way up to 30+ lanes with an auctioneer for each lane. Usually, there’s space between lanes with painted lines that buyers are supposed to stand behind as the cars roll up for auction.

Auctions tend to attract hundreds of people, last several hours, and move thousands of vehicles. It can become very crowded and frenzied area and with bidding process that happens very quickly. Cars are moving fast, both figuratively and literally. Because of the obvious dangers, there are safety rules for.

How can we make our auctions safer?

“A year ago, the safety director came to me and said, ‘We have this problem where we are doing these auction safety checklists around compliance. How can we make our auctions a safer place? And we don’t have a lot of money but we think there’s a better way to do it.’”

The safety director explained to Donna that they have a process where only six safety managers are spread across a hundred auctions, and trying hard to get to get the safety message out there. For example, they need to make sure people are wearing their goggles and that they are complying with the appropriate OSHA standards.

After having a number of conversations around this safety topic, Donna and her team decided that ServiceNow could be used to provide the safety managers with a great solution. So they worked with a partner to help them build it and they took “a very manual process and we automated it on the platform.”

Then the safety business process was moved to auctions themselves, where they own it. “The general manager is involved. The shop leads are involved in it…And it’s been a catalyst to reducing our workers’ comp claims. We’ve seen a two basis point improvement over the number of worker’s comp claims, which is cost avoidance.”

We saw a 3,000% ROI

“When the average worker compensation claim is around $10,000 [note: in 2010 California reported the average claim was $65,000], that is a significant savings with a very small investment. We saw a 3,000% ROI (return on investment) on this initiative alone,” said Donna

In addition to the cost savings, Donna said that the project also brought visibility to the process of using the Now Platform and its reporting capabilities. This has led to the general managers and the shop leaders engaged in having conversations about safety.

Donna and team (just an analyst and an intern) took ServiceNow’s basic application delivery and expanded its reach within the enterprise, using it as a workflow solution and demonstrating the power and flexibility of the technology.

“It’s really just about business processes in general. You collect some attributes or some information, you need to route it or get approvals around it, and then you can measure it. You can what’s going on with that business process, and then you focus on: ‘How do we improve the business process?’ The tool helps enable and facilitate that.”

Watch the entire interview with Donna Woodruff from Knowledge17

Donna believes the conversation around IT value within Cox Automotive has changed as a result of expanding the use of ServiceNow solutions. Discussions around the Now Platform still start out cost‑focused and about savings, but evolve into how to get things done in the organization more efficiently, with fewer people pushing less paper. The focus becomes how to best solve problems and measuring how to get better in the activities Donna and team are supporting.

Watch another video interview with Donna Woodruff talking about transforming the Cox Automotive employee experience using Service Now

The Cox Automotive IT and HR departments created an HR portal in just 90 days. Now, employees can submit requests with a simple, intuitive portal and the HR team has a way to track and measure their service.

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