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IFS uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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IFS delivers more, faster and better with digital transformation


Service requests automated


Hours saved in employee and partner wait time


Modified services delivered to the business quarterly

IFS wanted to support its enterprise software business by eliminating the burden of manually processing thousands of IT service requests, while reducing the wait time for fulfilment. ServiceNow automates IFS IT service requests, saving employees time, accelerating business innovation, and positioning IT as a strategic business partner.

IFS addresses business growth with employee and partner synchronization
Founded in Sweden in 1983, IFS is a global provider of enterprise software applications that enable companies to respond quickly to market changes and use resources in a more agile way to achieve better business performance and competitive advantages.

The company’s services—which include enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise project management, and supply chain management tools—support more than 10,000 of the most demanding global businesses, with customers as diverse as Toyota, Maersk, and Emirates.

IFS employees operate from a highly-dispersed network of global offices, with the team running alongside a complementary partner network—a key strategic priority for the growth of the business.

IFS seeks automation to improve IT efficiency for its geographically dispersed team
For the IT department, the nature of the IFS business presented significant challenges. The large number of worldwide employees alone meant handling requests and issues was very time-consuming. The fact that many requests were done manually also meant processes could be inefficient and burdensome. The IT organisation wanted to fully support the company’s expanded partner strategy.

As Stefan Carlsson, Senior Advisor at IFS, explains, “The IT service set up was a major pain point for the IT organisation. As a team we had struggled for a couple of years to feel close to the business. We were very much seen as the ‘tech guys,’ rather than a team that could add value to the business. The focus on the partner strategy at the corporate level gave us an opportunity to reset that relationship.”

IFS uses a best practice, process-led approach to build a comprehensive, service improvement programme
As the partner programme ramped up, the IT team initiated a broad service improvement programme. A key part of this programme was to improve the IT team’s ability to handle a host of common, but time-consuming requests—whether from IFS employees or partners—including account set up, password resets, permissions, and access control.

For users, the tools that were available were largely homegrown services that the IFS team had created in-house, while fulfilment of requests relied primarily on manual or semi-automated processes. The team not only needed a better, truly scalable way to deliver services—it needed a completely new way of working.

“From the outset, the improvement programme was not a tools initiative, it was a process initiative,” says Stefan. effort.

Linköping, Sweden

We needed to adopt the latest approach in terms of best practices from top to bottom, rather than continue to do things on our own.

Stefan Carlsson

Senior Advisor

The process improvement programme was built on ITIL at its core, adopting a process-oriented approach with dedicated process governance roles and standards. The programme also required a new toolset that could closely support this new approach—delivered from the cloud to enable greater IT automation and orchestration.

These requirements led IFS to select the Now Platform as the foundation of its service improvement programme.

The Now Platform is preconfigured to help IFS deliver results quickly
The IFS team deployed the Now Platform to deliver a best-practice IT service management approach. Working closely with service management consultants, IFS defined new processes and built them directly into the ServiceNow environment.

Stefan explains, “There was no real configuration phase. In our evaluation period, ServiceNow outperformed everything else we saw by far, so we had a high degree of confidence we could achieve what we wanted with the platform. It was a massive plus for us as a team, as it enabled us to move very quickly.”

In just six months, the IFS team created a completely new, self-service IT portal for employees and partners, where they can access all IT services delivered by the IT team, including incident reporting and request ordering. Live health status gives the IT team complete visibility into organisation-wide service delivery at any time.

IFS creates an operational virtuous circle for collaboration using the Now Platform
Within 12 months, the IFS team realised significant operational improvements as a result of the service improvement programme powered by ServiceNow— and those benefits have continued to increase.

In a typical year, there are around 75,000 total requests from users and today 71% of those service requests are fully automated. For employees and partners, this has had a huge impact. “Previously the average wait for a request to be fulfilled was 24 hours, but through automation that is now less than an hour,” says Stefan.

For the IT team itself, the productivity gains have been astonishing. Automation has saved the business the equivalent of several full-time employees. Moreover, the IT team is relieved of the mundane, repetitive work focused on fulfilling requests and is now free to deliver more valuable work to the business.

"ServiceNow has had an important, positive impact on our work. Our users get what they want immediately, rather than waiting a day or two, and we can deliver more to the business, faster and better than we could have previously—without requiring extra manpower. The IT team has saved more than 140,000 hours in wait time for users,” says Stefan. “The visibility we have now into the rest of the business is incredible. It’s something we just didn’t have before, whereas now we are able to work in a truly virtuous circle with the whole organisation.”

Service excellence defines the IFS IT team of the future
IFS is extending the capabilities of ServiceNow to position the IT team for future service excellence. Deploying ServiceNow® Security Operations and ServiceNow® Knowledge Management are on the horizon to further enhance the department’s operational efficiency and put more power in the hands of users—and there are even more developments in the pipeline.

Stefan concludes, “I’ve been in software and IT for 40 years, and I’ve never come across a more configurable solution that doesn’t require major coding to meet your needs. It’s flexible and upgradable without any service disruption. Our future is literally being built on ServiceNow    

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