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INTERVIAL uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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INTERVIAL drives digital transformation forward with Solex and ServiceNow


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INTERVIAL Chile worked with Solex and ServiceNow to create a platform to support free‑flow tolling throughout the country. This digital transformation helped to minimize traffic congestion at toll plazas and optimized resources to support road management.

INTERVIAL connects Chileans through positive highway experiences
The main operator of interurban roads in Chile, INTERVIAL CHILE S.A. (INTERVIAL), a subsidiary of Colombian group ISA, supports the operation and infrastructure management of toll collection and customer service systems for highway users. Tasked with managing a smooth traffic flow and creating a positive experience for Chileans, INTERVIAL needed to alleviate traffic delays caused at toll plazas.

Recognizing the growing need to minimize highway congestion throughout the country, the Chilean government introduced an initiative called, “Chile Without Barriers.” The plan offers solutions to one of the main problems drivers encounter en route to the capital of Santiago: the increasingly congested traffic conditions at toll plazas, which still operate under a boom barrier toll system.

To tackle this issue, the government suggested that toll road operators adopt a free flow tolling system to replace or supplement the current toll system. Free flow is an electronic toll collection system based on the authorization of vehicle entries. This means that vehicles with a transponder can pass through toll plazas without slowing or stopping for toll transactions. This allows traffic to continue moving through toll plazas, minimizing delays.

INTERVIAL needed a modern platform to transition into electronic payment collection to keep traffic flowing
INTERVIAL, alongside Ruta del Maipo, realized it would be a large shift to move from physical toll collection to an electronic-based system. This required new and modern technology to not only handle payments, but also to manage toll equipment system maintenance and the overall customer experience on the road.

The challenge was identifying a solution that could be standardized among locations and was intuitive and easy to use. It also needed to adapt to online demands according to the number of incidents, claims, and requests introduced daily. The INTERVIAL team saw this as an opportunity to eliminate the physical machines and servers at its facilities, and to use a tool in the cloud instead. Therefore, internet connectivity and the ability to deliver information in real time was crucial.

Free flow becomes a reality for INTERVIAL with help from ServiceNow and Solex
After several analyses, Andrés Yañez Ponce, Senior Analyst, Toll Systems at INTERVIAL, concluded that free flow would be possible with ServiceNow. 

Santiago, Chile

We decided to standardize the company operations on the Now Platform since it allows us to work based on the request-response model.

Andrés Yáñez Ponce

Senior Analyst

Andrés continues, “In addition to its capacity for integration of maintenance issues, ServiceNow is quite intuitive, flexible for our business, easy to learn, and has high availability.”

Solex was selected as the implementation partner and supported the entire process from system development to consulting. Additionally, Solex introduced the Agile methodology principles for this project. The INTERVIAL team acknowledges the excellent value provided by Solex in applying this methodology to the successful resolution of this project.

“What is interesting about Solex is that they were involved in every stage of the project and advised us on best practices,” says Andrés. “Not only did Solex understand our business to make improvements, they also provided suggestions and facilitated processes to meet market standards, offering innovative solutions and new alternatives. We consider it a plus that the project was also completed according to schedule.”

A great experience for INTERVIAL creates a free-flowing experience for Chilean drivers
According to Andrés, “The system startup was quite smooth for everyone involved, including concession agents, operators, and managers. We saw almost immediate results. Thanks to the support of Solex and ServiceNow, we grew from managing 400 incidents a month, based solely on maintenance, to nearly 30,000 incident requests over the same time period, based on the new business model, available in real time, and free of difficulties.”

INTERVIAL prides itself on connecting people throughout Chile and free flow electronic toll collection makes it that much easier. Andrés concludes, “With Solex and ServiceNow, we are excited to bring our integration and maintenance projects—based on a single platform—to our clients. The fact that ServiceNow is available, working well, and the processes are flowing, turns out to be one of the best experiences we have ever had.”

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ServiceNow IT Service Management

ServiceNow IT Service Management

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