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NTT Com MS achieves complete global service integration with ServiceNow
NTT Com Managed Services logo

NTT Com MS achieves complete global service integration with ServiceNow


Provides a single platform for global IT service management


Reduction in time to implement an integration

Delivers rapid response and resolution times

Delivers rapid response and resolution times

NTT Com MS handles thousands of service requests and incidents per day. With help from ServiceNow, the global managed service provider created a platform to deliver innovative new services and reduced critical business integration projects from six months to two weeks.

NTT Com MS offers a complete global solution for smart, reliable, and more secure IT solutions

NTT Com Managed Services (NTT Com MS) is a next generation, global managed services provider, delivering smart, reliable, and secure IT solutions to organisations worldwide.

The company’s market differentiation is built on offering a comprehensive global solution from a single service provider, with one set of SLAs and one management portal. Yet the simplicity of the customer proposition belies the complexity within the NTT Com MS operation in providing 24/7, global ICT solutions, and support for multiple organisations simultaneously.

Managing customer interactions efficiently requires global system integration at NTT Com MS
On an ongoing basis, the NTT Com MS team manages more than 12,000 systems, which triggers approximately 4,000 events and 500 incidents every day. However, the existing service desk system was unable to cope with both the volume and the nature of the requests.

Oscar Garcia, Chief Operating Officer of NTT Com Managed Services, explains: “Managing customer interactions with our existing service desk system was time consuming and involved a large element of manual processing. We also frequently needed to spin up specific teams to manage key issues, which was expensive and inefficient.”

A key issue was the lack of integration with customer systems, the multiple tools within NTT Com MS, and the company’s affiliates, where workflow across the global group was essential.

“Our customers were comfortable with their own internal ticketing system, but we needed them to interface with our system for our outsourced services. The workflows and integration were too complicated,” says Oscar.

NTT Com MS centralises service delivery and creates a single system of record with ServiceNow
Run as a separate entity within the wider NTT Group, NTT Com MS had the freedom to select its own service management platform and move away from the NTT Group’s legacy toolset. According to Oscar, “It became evident very quickly that moving to ServiceNow was the ideal way to centralise service delivery.”

NTT Com MS deployed the Now Platform as its central system of record and this has become “the place where all our engineers live”, housing the configuration management database (CMDB) and acting as the hub for operational support systems.

NTT Com MS now has a single source of truth to drive its service delivery, as Oscar explains: “We deal constantly with information that is time critical and can’t afford to miss even one interaction with a customer. About 80% of the time delivering managed services is about communicating with customers and sending emails is not effective.”

NTT Com Managed Services
NTT Com Managed Services
NTT Com Managed Services
Barcelona, Spain

Now, we have automated workflows and visibility of all incidents, making our service highly efficient.

Oscar Garcia

Chief Operating Officer

ServiceNow delivers total integration, visibility, and workflow control
The move marked a fundamental shift in NTT Com MS’s approach to service delivery, but complete integration with other systems across the NTT Group, project management tools, and other customer systems was a must.

As Oscar points out, while it was acceptable for NTT Com MS to select its own tools, it would be perhaps “arrogant” not to expect to have to fit into an established set-up within the multi-billion-dollar NTT Group.

“A key success criteria was the ability to integrate our chosen platform with our wider ecosystem, but there were inherent complexities that would push any team to the edge,” says Oscar. “We needed to be able to exchange a huge amount of meta data, with full tracking and complete control and visibility of our workflows.”

Whitespace Studios provided NTT Com MS with advanced integration capabilities through Unifi, its ServiceNow Store-certified integration application.

NTT Com MS is now managing all integrations in one place, leveraging the Now Platform for zero reliance on third-party middleware. This includes systems used by its customers, its NTT Europe affiliate, where most of its business flows through, and internal developers, and engineering teams.

The impact has been staggering, with the time it takes to implement an integration reduced from six months to only two weeks.

Oscar recalls: “We delivered one of the most complex ticket exchange integrations I’ve ever envisaged. We migrated all our customers onto a single platform, seamlessly integrated with every critical touchpoint within and outside of the business.”

NTT Com MS relies on the Now Platform for technology innovation and fantastic customer experiences
ServiceNow and Unifi created a powerful combination for NTT Com MS, which brings a new agility and flexibility to how it approaches the development and delivery of services to customers.

The change has brought immediate benefits to both customers and the NTT Com MS team. “The roll out has been a very interesting process,” says Oscar. “We were planning a phased migration, one customer every two weeks, but they are eager to see such a significant change and want us to move more quickly to the new platform.”

The approach is also proving to be highly motivating for NTT Com MS’s team of support engineers. Ticketing is their critical touchpoint with customers, and they are now empowered to deliver a fantastic experience, with rapid response and resolution times.

Teams also welcome the opportunity to develop on the platform, as Oscar highlights: “There’s a lot of development on the platform, which is fantastic for our tech enthusiasts. We are creating APIs for pretty much everything, working with Python scripts, for example. A new world of development and integration has opened up that we simply couldn’t take advantage of before.”

ServiceNow empowers NTT Com MS for future change
Looking ahead, Oscar sees ServiceNow as the foundational platform for NTT Com MS, touching every person within the business, with Unifi providing the powerful integration capabilities to enable the IT operations approach to evolve.

“We have an ambition to always be at the bleeding edge in agile, efficient, and reliable service delivery, and ServiceNow provides that foundation for our IT operation,” says Oscar. “ServiceNow was a high-profile move within the NTT Group and we are being watched with interest to see how other areas of the business can benefit.”

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ServiceNow IT Service Management

ServiceNow IT Service Management

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