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Quby enhances the customer experience with ServiceNow.

Using ServiceNow, Quby has more engaged employees

Dutch-based Quby is at the forefront of developing technology to empower people through smart energy.  Its product Toon puts people in charge of their homes, making lives smarter, easier, and more sustainable.

Toon is more than just a smart thermostat. It gives insight into energy consumption and helps keep utility bills in check. Toon can also keep an eye on your house when you are away. You can control your heating, lighting, smoke detector, and smart plugs on the go from the app on your tablet or smartphone.

Using ServiceNow, Quby now has more engaged employees, who are able to focus on real issues and help customers more efficiently.


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Energy and Utilities
Less than 1,000

For the team, ServiceNow is really helping them because they can focus on the real customer issues and not spend a lot of time on administrating, handling all types of different systems.

Jean-Paul Dijkstra

Business Domain Owner

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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

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