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Sweco sustains exponential growth with efficient, enterprise-wide service delivery

Provides a consistent global service experience

Provides a consistent global service experience

Employees engage proactively to drive service evolution

Employees engage proactively to drive service evolution

Drives high employee satisfaction

Drives high employee satisfaction

Sweco is one of Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancies. Using ServiceNow, Sweco has created a single, global service platform to meet its ambition to deliver all business services to every employee, in every office, and every department.

Sweco embarks on a “one service desk, one company” journey to drive employee innovation and excellence
Sweco—Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy—has doubled in size every five years since it was founded five decades ago. It’s an achievement the company would like to continue.

Sweco plans and designs communities and cities of the future across 70 countries worldwide, offering qualified consulting, engineering, environmental technology, and architecture services. To better support its workforce of 15,000 employees, Sweco’s IT team sought a single, global platform to deliver fast, effective services to empower every employee to innovate and excel in the delivery of infrastructure and sustainable energy projects worldwide. 

“Our vision is one service desk, one company,” explains Eelco Jol, Service Management Leader at Sweco. “We wanted to create a single service portal to support every country, department, and employee in the global operation.”

With ServiceNow, Sweco begins global integration of IT, HR, finance, and facilities management services 
When Eelco arrived at Sweco, he knew that he had to completely re-think the organisation’s approach to service delivery. 

For IT, there was a global, yet basic approach to incident and problem management, and a portal that was seldom used by employees. There was also inconsistency in the way other business services were delivered to Sweco employees. Functions such as HR and finance ran autonomously in every country, alongside head office operations in Stockholm, Sweden, where one third of the workforce is based.

Working with ServiceNow, Sweco started its journey to create a consistent, global approach to service delivery that encompasses IT, HR, finance, and facilities management. 

“ServiceNow provided the foundation for Sweco to deliver its vision with a best practice approach on a global scale,” says Eelco. “The platform has the ability to scale and support our aggressive growth plans, integrate with essential business systems, and handle the inherent complexity of our business.”

ServiceNow workflows and automation expedite service delivery to 15,000 employees
Powered by ServiceNow solutions, the IT service desk handles approximately 10,000 incidents and 3,500 requests every month. HR systems in Denmark and the Netherlands have also been integrated into the platform, alongside facilities and finance in some regions. 

While the rollout is a continuous process, Eelco highlights benefits that have been quickly realised, “As a global engineering company, we’re running thousands of projects concurrently. This generates a huge volume of invoices and related queries, but we’re now able to process these much more efficiently using built-in workflows and automation.”

Stockholm, Sweden
5,001 to 50,000

Our goal is to have one portal, one global service desk, one organisation. With ServiceNow, we have the technology platform to underpin our vision.

Eelco Jol

IT Specialist

Meanwhile, a new reporting capability delivers insight that IT and other departments previously lacked. This drives improvements in the working environment and experience of its 15,000 employees.

The facilities team saw the benefits immediately, according to Eelco, “Our teams can identify issues that matter to our staff. For example, it became clear that one of our new offices in the Netherlands had a climate problem. Analytics showed that a high volume of tickets were complaints about the temperature, and we could pinpoint these to specific floors and areas of the office.” 

Global self-service portal powered by ServiceNow encourages collaboration across the business
Enthusiasm for the new service approach is growing across the business, as the rollout gathers pace. 

“Our teams have already bought into our service approach through their experience with one or two business areas, and they’re keen to see it roll out on a massive scale,” says Eelco. 

Today, every employee around the world accesses the same home page on a self-service portal, with the same options on view—for example, access to IT, HR, finance, or facilities. Some of these options are not yet “clickable,” depending on which country or office the employee is located in, but this is driving interest rather than frustration. 

Eelco explains, “The Sweco workforce has a big appetite for a centralised service portal for everything across the business. Employees see areas greyed out in the portal and want to know when they can start using them or introduce them into their departments.”

The rapid changes taking place are also driving conversations and a desire for collaboration across the organisation. 

“Our ServiceNow driven approach is generating a lot of discussion,” says Eelco. “Business functions and regional offices are sharing experiences and ideas about how they can evolve with us. The business is getting on board with our strategy.”

Sweco is on track to fulfil its global service vision with ServiceNow
Currently, Sweco has a large number of service desks successfully running on the Now Platform, with a roadmap to bring on more departments, countries, and employees in the coming months. 

“ServiceNow brings a very agile way of working, which is exactly what we need to keep pace with the ambition and rate of change at Sweco,” says Eelco. “We’re developing as we go, making changes and improvements continuously—without getting tied up in meetings or decisions being stalled.”

However, true success will be when the company creates one truly unified service desk for everything and everyone in the organisation. 

“Our goal is to have one portal, one global service desk, one organisation,” says Eelco. “With ServiceNow, we have the technology platform to underpin our vision.”

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