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TEC uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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The Executive Centre enhances client offering and delivers next-generation service management with ServiceNow
The Executive Centre is a premium, flexible workspace provider with over 135 centres in 32 cities and 14 countries across Greater China, Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, and the Middle East. It is the third largest flexible workspace business in Asia with annual revenue in excess of US$275 million.

Since its founding in 1994, The Executive Centre has built a membership of over 27,000 distinguished professionals and has facilitated connection, as well as personal and professional growth, in over 3.03 million square feet of collaborative workspace.

“Our business model involves securing long-term leases,” says Jason Wong, Chief Information Officer at The Executive Centre. “We engage designers and architects to install different rooms of different sizes—ranging from one workstation to 50 workstations—on leased floors. The final configurations depend on the size of the centre, the size of the building, and the size and makeup of the floor involved.”

Jason continues, “We also add meeting rooms, pantries, receptions, barista bars, and other facilities. The idea is that clients turn up with laptops and the infrastructure and connectivity they need is there, ready to use.”

Of The Executive Centre’s clients, 76% are multinational corporations, while the overall client base ranges from businesses that simply need internet access to finance houses with complex requirements, including the need to host data centre infrastructure onsite. “We can cater to them because we have server rooms and server access available to rent, and can provide a bespoke, customised solution,” says Jason.

A lean IT team
The Executive Centre has about 1,000 employees across the Asia-Pacific, supported by a lean IT department that requires its staff to perform multiple roles. These roles range from technical support and managing system failures to liaising with and supporting clients.

Furthermore, the team needs to support a growing footprint in existing markets, with The Executive Centre adding nearly 20 new centres every year. “We’re always building new centres, always moving in, and upgrading old centres,” says Jason.

This heavy, diverse workload means The Executive Centre needs to make its IT department productive and agile.

The Executive Centre logo
The Executive Centre
The Executive Centre
Hong Kong

To support our activities, we need systems that can scale and be adapted to the cultures, market requirements, and regulatory regimes of different countries.

Jason Wong

Chief Information Officer

The organisation subsequently turned to the cloud to run business-critical customer relationship management and other applications—meaning employees only need a browser and an internet connection to access them.

A cloud-based approach to service management
The Executive Centre decided to take a cloud-centric approach to transforming a legacy approach to systems management. The business was using separate systems to raise tickets, track progress, and escalate problems for its infrastructure and enterprise application functions. This approach required the organisation to assign two team members to administer its service management applications—one for each system.

To eliminate inefficiencies by pooling resources, become more agile, and improve its service to clients The Executive Centre elected to implement a single service management platform.

“We wanted to bypass service management 1.0 and adopt the newest, transformative version of service management,” says Jason. “This meant looking past resolving IT incidents and problems faster and more efficiently and asking ourselves how service management could make our organization more responsive, scalable, and customer-centric.”

ServiceNow ‘best fit’
The Executive Centre narrowed potential service management solutions down to three and after completing proofs of concept and other ‘deep dive’ evaluations with each shortlisted vendor, determined ServiceNow best met its requirements. “ServiceNow could deliver what we needed ‘out of the box’ and integrate seamlessly with our other systems,” says Jason. “We could achieve a range of efficiencies by, for example, integrating single sign-on and other systems with ServiceNow.”

The Executive Centre’s selection of ServiceNow generated considerable excitement within the organisation. “Everybody here knows ServiceNow is the gold standard for service management and digital workflows,” says Jason. The Executive Centre was so committed to maximising the value of its investment in ServiceNow, it asked ServiceNow to recommend partners skilled on the Now Platform. ServiceNow put The Executive Centre in touch with Enable Professional Services, an Elite partner.

“We worked closely with Enable to align our requirements with best practices and realise the benefits of ServiceNow,” says Jason. The business has deployed ServiceNow® Asset Management to track and manage its IT assets and ServiceNow® Change Management to control the lifecycle of all changes.

The Executive Centre plans to extend ServiceNow to support its operations teams—and clients. The operations teams—also referred to as engagement teams—typically comprise three employees at reception centres at each location. These teams feature highly trained concierge personnel who provide local knowledge and business support to clients, with occasional and simple IT support. They also escalate more complex technology issues to the IT team as required.

With ServiceNow, these teams will have a single source of truth to track and manage requests and problems—with this visibility helping them track interactions with third parties, such as building managers.

Mobility delivering a better experience
The business also plans to embrace the mobile opportunity with ServiceNow to provide a better client experience and improve the efficiency and performance of its IT team. The business already runs a mobile app designed for client self-service. “The app enables our clients to quickly and conveniently access the multitude of services available to them, such as booking rooms or registering for events,” says Jason.

“As the business evolved, we realized the app’s potential to become an extension of the client’s office space—a concierge, a help desk, an office manager, and a networking tool—all in the palms of their hands.” The app allowed clients to:

  • Book meeting rooms and hot desks
  • Submit enquiries for event spaces
  •  Access any centre across the network
  • Connect to centre-hosted events anywhere in the world
  • Access our member directory so they can find out who else works out of a centre, allowing them to build networks and connections
  • Engage in discussions with other members on relevant topics of interest

The Executive Centre plans to use ServiceNow to extend its self-service capabilities. “By extending ServiceNow from our IT helpdesk to our general helpdesk, we will use the platform to manage all service requests,” says Jason. “Requests governed by predefined service level agreements can be routed to relevant teams for rapid resolution and fulfillment, while clients can be kept updated at every stage of the process.”

Jason continues, “With the Now Platform and APIs, we plan to build a native interface in our digital platforms to keep our clients updated with progress and remain in direct contact with the teams that are managing their requests, which are all part of The Executive Centre’s premium experience.”

ServiceNow-powered mobility will also help improve the productivity of The Executive Centre’s IT team. “These team members need to have ‘an office in a backpack’ because they are always on the move,” says Jason. “They move from centre to centre and do not have the luxury of sitting at a single desk.”

According to Jason, “Through our mobility project—powered by ServiceNow—they will be able to track assets, receive notifications, and have all the information they need to address client or internal questions at their fingertips.”

Well positioned for growth
With ServiceNow, The Executive Centre is now well positioned to grow further in new and existing markets and provide high quality, responsive service to clients. “If I was to use one word to describe ServiceNow it would be enablement. ServiceNow opens up the possibilities to do everything that needs to be done,” Jason concludes.

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