Replace your Email-Based Helpdesk with a
Service Management Approach that Organizes and Tracks Requests

People showing up in your office, or calling you on the phone in need of tech support. IT staff handling requests in no particular order. And a multitude of email chains that make it impossible to figure out who has done what, and when. 

Sound like your helpdesk? Replace it with a service management system that enables you to offer IT support in an ordered way: Requests come in, they’re categorized and prioritized, then assigned to available staff, and tracked in a single system.  You can even make some tasks self‑service. As the leader in cloud ITSM solutions, with accolades from every industry analyst and more than 3,000 customers, ServiceNow will transform your helpdesk chaos into a well‑oiled IT machine.


  • ServiceNow Simplify

    Resolve Issues Fast

    Say goodbye to your legacy help desk and the chaos of managing support with email, and hello to insanely fast automated ITSM delivery

  • ServiceNow Customer Success

    Help Users Help Themselves

    Offer a self-service portal that lets users solve many of their own problems, request IT services, log issues, and track progress — all without picking up the phone or sending a single email

  • ServiceNow Manage

    Track and Control Your Assets

    Solve the mystery of who owns what. With a complete system of record offering total visibility and control of your IT components, you have a connected view of systems, networks, and software to drive and improve problem resolution

  • ServiceNow Elevate

    Gain Real-Time Insight

    Generate interactive dashboards and distribute reports based on any metric — all at the click of a button. Real-time reporting and dashboards get you to the source of issues quickly

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