Get Control of Demand for Your Services and Focus Resources on Strategic Priorities

You're responsible for providing timely and accurate financial information, protecting company assets, and ensuring compliance with applicable tax laws. But random work requests received through email, spreadsheets and calendars; inefficient accrual processes; and the lack of tools to consolidate knowledge and policy make it difficult to successfully fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities.

Imagine having access to dashboards showing resource utilization and performance data to provide the insight you need to make business decisions, prioritize work, and provide better service to the business. Our service‑oriented approach enables you to efficiently fulfill requests, including financial reports, procurement and payroll issues; and provides visibility into work requests to enable easy tracking and performance evaluations.

  • ServiceNow Reduce Time

    Work faster

    Reduce time for new vendor approvals by as much as 20% and the time to get a standard purchase order by as much as 60%. Up to 3X reduction in the number of manual touches the AP department makes to confirm purchase orders

  • ServiceNow Elevate

    Increase visibility

    Teams can finally report on the work they do - without repetitive manual effort. Managers can look at their dashboards and gain end-to-end visibility into work progress

  • ServiceNow Share Deliver

    Deliver value

    Use an out-of-the-box application for Finance Service Management in less than 30 days, and deliver services more quickly through automated routing, knowledge bases and self-service

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