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Beyond the party: Drive lasting adoption

You've had the go‑live party, enjoyed the cake, and may have had a burst of enthusiasm the first couple of weeks. But what happens after the go‑live party? How do you drive lasting change, and how can you best ensure long‑term adoption?

First, recognize the obstacle you're often facing: changing a culture. You're changing the way people work and the way their managers measure their performance—which ultimately affects whether they're viewed as successful or not. That can be stressful, both for the people rolling out the change and for those required to adopt it. Even if the change is perceived as positive, continuing the momentum and driving measurement is key to lasting success.

Here are some ideas that can drive long‑term adoption of the new process. They focus on positive reinforcement by making adoption fun.

Create a friendly competition

Remember the days in school when your class would compete against another—and the winner would get recognition and a special treat? You can take that idea and adapt it to your organization:

  • Create a dashboard that shows how multiple teams are achieving against a measurable goal (SLAs, usage—whatever behavior you're trying to encourage)
  • Send weekly/monthly emails highlighting the stack rankings
  • Give managers prizes to award to individuals who are driving adoption
  • Have a fun reward that brings the winning teams closer together: pizza party, special pins, special lanyard, happy hour (decide based on your corporate culture)
  • Have an engraved trophy that gets passed among teams, depending on who's winning that period

Highlight those who are adopting the new system

Individual adopters should be recognized, even if they aren't on a winning team. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Create a "Wall of Champions" banner that scrolls on your home pages or user portal, highlighting users of the week who were most improved, highest SLA achievement, and so on
  • Make posters with the "All Stars" and display them in hallways
  • Recognize them in monthly or quarterly all‑hands meetings

Keep training

Just because you've gone live doesn't mean that you should stop training activities. Here are some ideas:

  • Informal lunch and learns – Schedule reviews on a weekly basis and then move to monthly. Let the users choose the topic; send surveys to find out what users want to know more about.
  • Put knowledge at their fingertips –Use your knowledge base to store formal training materials: videos, labs, training guides, and job aids. Have the appropriate training KBs highly visible on home pages and displayed by role. Make sure you have appropriate learning paths for new or transferred employees.
  • Create "champions" out of team leads – For example, champions can offer peer‑to‑peer support, lead ongoing team training sessions, and create Centers of Excellence that provide feedback into your overall ServiceNow Program Management team. You can incorporate these activities into KPIs, and reward via bonuses.

Encourage end user adoption

Just because something is easy doesn't mean that people will remember to use it. Here are some ideas to help:

  • Use video training – Keep training videos easily accessible from the portal page, and keep them short—no longer than two to three minutes.
  • Don't immediately take away what's familiar – Let them keep their old methods for a predetermined time. For example, allow them to call (use CTI integration to make it easier for your help desk). Allow them to email—and have it create an incident/case/request. Send a follow‑up reminder to users who don't use the portal to encourage them to do so; include a link to video training and any promotions for using the portal. If you have repeat offenders, get their feedback on why they aren't using the portal and incorporate that into your process of continual improvement. 


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