Go-live party ideas

It's go‑live time! You've come a long way and accomplished a lot; now is the time to let the entire company know it's time to celebrate. This isn't just for your initial go‑live—celebrations are important at other times, too:

  • When you implement a new service
  • When you're ready to release new features
  • When you upgrade to a new release
  • If your initial go‑live was not as successful as you'd hoped and you are taking the opportunity to rebrand and re‑educate 

Here are some ideas you may want to incorporate into your go‑live party.

Have the executive sponsor speak

  • Use the ServiceNow introduction and business value template
  • Highlight the business issues solved and expected outcomes
  • Include the vision and outlook for the next 12 months
  • Encourage other services to learn more
  • Have the executive sponsor give out awards to key project contributors, and commemorative t‑shirts to the project team

Set up the largest room possible

  • Set up booths for the process owners to demo what was built; include flyers, infographics, and/or videos about the process
  • Invite everyone—some ServiceNow customers have had several hundred people come through to learn about the project implementation 

Incorporate your theme

  • Use your theme creatively: One customer had a SNOW theme, so they had a snowball fight (yes, they brought in a snow machine), made snow cones, and had a snowman‑making contest using marshmallows
  • Another customer using the SNOW theme included inflatable snowmen and ice‑cream cones, and gave out scarves and hats
  • A customer with skeptical users (no one believed they could do it until they saw it) had a "Bigfoot" theme; they gave out buttons with pictures of Bigfoot that said, "I'm a believer"

Hand out cake

  • It's a long‑standing tradition: Your ServiceNow account team will happily deliver a cake for your go‑live
  • Invite everyone (see above) and we'll get a cake to support it
  • Have food runners deliver cake to those who are busy working and can't make it to the party

Give out party favors

  • Talk with your ServiceNow account team and make sure you get a ServiceNow cake cutter and other go‑live swag
  • Give out hats, noise makers, balloons

Play go‑live games

  • Create a scavenger hunt in the ServiceNow catalog or KB (have laptops with a non‑prod to do the activities)
  • Make sure you have prizes to give to the winners—even if it's something simple
  • Have a piñata with a logo of the old system you are replacing; fill it with candy and ServiceNow swag

Award prizes for usage

  • Prize for first 10 cases/incidents closed
  • Prize for best average survey results after closed case/incident
  • Prize for first approval
  • Prize for first 10 end users who request something
  • Prize for first 20 end users who access a KB article

Highlight key accomplishments

  • Create an ever‑changing display somewhere that's centrally located
  • Highlight team members' contributions
  • Show the business issues solved and expected outcomes


To comment on this document, request updates, or communicate directly with ServiceNow Champion Enablement, powered by Customer Success, please see the Beyond the party ‑ Driving lasting adoption conversation.


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