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Help! The spark is gone!

It happens: You've gone live, everyone goes back to their day jobs, and suddenly ServiceNow® becomes just a "ticketing tool" for X department. How do you get things started again? Here are a few ideas.

Schedule a meeting with your influencers

Call together the executive sponsor, service owner, and platform owner for a discussion about how to reignite that spark. If your organization is smaller, don't worry about having a specific number of individuals—most important is that the above roles are represented.  

The agenda for the meeting will be to discuss:

  • Your objective (the issues you're trying to solve)
  • Which departments you want to target (and why)
  • How you will manage and deliver on the anticipated additional demand

You can find materials on how to do this in the program governance framework guide. Remember, this is a framework that you should adjust based on your organization's size.

Schedule a kick‑off event

Once you have your game plan, it's time to gather everyone together for a kick‑off event. Most customers find that using the inevitable upgrade as a new "go‑live" is a great opportunity. With all the new capabilities delivered with every upgrade, there's usually a lot to talk about. If you don't want to wait for an upgrade, use the next company all‑hands or holiday/seasonal trigger to schedule the event.

  • Invite the whole company—at least in the main location. If you're a global company, use your change champions to mirror what you're doing in other locations around the world—or use telepresence, if it’s available.
  • Book the largest conference room available to you.
  • Create posters, emails, and flyers to announce your event.
  • Have the executive sponsor speak, using the ServiceNow introduction and business value template.
  • Share the benefits from your current implementation, as well as other solutions you’d like to see added, using the resources in the introduction templates.
  • Document your success story with posters and flyers.

Most of all, have fun and be sure to have some type of food available. A study showed that two‑thirds of us are more likely to show up to a meeting if food is provided. It's a universal motivator.

Prepare for service owner meetings

Once you've reignited excitement about your ServiceNow program, you can get ready for one‑on‑one meetings with prospective service owners. Because of the kick‑off event, the demand may start coming to you—or it may simply become a lot easier to schedule time with service owners who are important to your strategy.

Do your research by using these resources:

Remember to tailor your conversation and presentation materials to the pain points you’re trying to solve for that service.

Get new service on board

Treat prospective service owners the way you would want to be treated, and help prepare services that want to join the Now Platform®. Remember, these are the future go‑lives and success stories that will continue to propel you forward.

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