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Gathering survey feedback from your users

A key component to measuring success is measuring quantifiable feedback from your users. The ServiceNow® built‑in survey engine is a great way to incorporate that feedback into your process of continuous improvement.

Here are three ways you can survey your end users:

  • By immediate feedback on your self‑service portal
  • After the close of an incident/case or request
  • On a quarterly or half‑yearly companywide survey

The key is to keep it simple and make it easy to answer the questions. Including too many, or asking questions that are too detailed, can make it difficult for someone to complete the survey.

Biyearly/quarterly survey used internally at ServiceNow

If you have multiple services on the platform, you can have users rate for each service.

  1. Is this the best support you have received in any company/organization? (1–10)
  2. Please rate your experience with reaction/response time. (1–10)
  3. Please rate your experience with effectiveness. (1–10)
  4. Please rate your experience with customer service. (1–10)
  5. Are there any tools or services that you feel need better training and documentation? (1–10)
  6. We value your feedback. Please tell us what we can do to improve your overall experience. (Open text box)

After closing an incident/case or request, as used at ServiceNow

Again, the key here is simple and quick. What was their experience for this particular interaction? 

  1. How satisfied were you with the service you received? (1–10)
  2. We value your feedback. Please provide us with any comments regarding your experience with this interaction. (Open text box)

Based on the feedback you receive, you can decide if you should ask additional questions. However, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Make sure your surveys are simple and short so people complete them.
  • When you receive comments indicating someone had a less than stellar experience, follow up to get more details.
  • When you find a pattern with comments, adjust your questions to ensure you're capturing the right data.

Customer example: IT happiness feedback

Informa decided to implement a quick‑and‑easy mechanism that would allow its customers to provide feedback and comments regularly, without requiring a lengthy survey or questionnaire. The business requirement: It should be easy to use and available everywhere. To learn more about Informa's approach, download the PDF attachment. 

– Thanks to Paul Hardy of Informa

Customer example: Survey questions and option menu

Red Hat has a standardized list of questions and answers to improve the quality and consistency of its surveys. Based on best practices and global/interdepartmental review and revision, this menu helps service owners create surveys that are easy to use and that collect the right data. To view the CSAT menu questions and answers, download the Word file.

– Thanks to Beverly Heustess of Red Hat

Download CSAT Menu Questions and Answers and Informa ‑ Exceptional User Experience ‑ IT Happiness Feedback


To comment on this document, request updates, or communicate directly with ServiceNow Champion Enablement, powered by Customer Success, please see the Survey Question Examples conversation.


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