Investing in cybersecurity solutions ahead of the breach can be a hard sell for organizations.
Security & risk

Companies are playing catch-up on cybersecurity

For many organizations, investing ahead of the breach is a hard sell
esg reporting

Framework frenzy

ESG reporting is a hot mess of overlapping frameworks and standards. Thankfully, help is on the way.
Take our cyber threat assessment to rank your preparedness against 1,200 cybersecurity execs.

Are you ready for the new era of cyberthreats?

Benchmark your preparedness against 1,200 security leaders worldwide

Key benefits of hyper-automation

Companies can use hyperautomation tools to automate repetitive tasks at scale, and make more strategic business decisions

Hiring the neurodiverse

Businesses in need of tech talent have overlooked a fifth of humanity
Workflow Quarterly

Reframing ESG

The business case for doing good
cybersecurity risk

Cybersecurity risk in 5 stats

Security breaches and budgets are both on the rise, according to new research
Learn how automation can help solve the top 13 cyber risk challenges organizations are facing.

The future of security is automated

There aren’t enough security analysts in the universe to manage a rising tide of threats. Automation can help.
esg goals

ESG strategy: How to get your board on board

A conversation with NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business director and professor Tensie Whelan
Companies unwilling to report climate impacts based on new ESG regulation could be left behind.

Accounting for emissions

Companies unwilling to report climate impacts could be left behind, says KPMG’s climate leader
Improve customer experience with a digital platform that promotes proactive communications.

Making the shift from reactive to proactive customer experience

Rogers Communications VP Scott Thomson on how a digital platform sparked a turnaround with customer experience and organizational culture
IT skills gap

Mind the (IT talent) gap

Demand for skilled tech workers far outstrips supply. To bridge this gap, many companies have started to recruit and train workers from underserved communities.
Editor's Letter

Reframing ESG

Well-governed companies build trust by measuring their impact on the world
Eric Siegel machine learning

Most machine learning projects needlessly fail

A conversation with author and machine learning expert Eric Siegel
Learn how to adopt 4 customer feedback best practices that will strengthen your CX.

Harnessing the power of customer feedback

Adopt these 4 practices to produce better CX

Great customer experiences are no accident

Companies must design processes and systems to ensure customers get the fast, easy, convenient experiences they deserve
Learn the top 4 strategies organizations are using to improve supply chain resilience to hedge risk.

4 strategies to improve supply chain resilience

How organizations are using digital technology to hedge supply chain risks
Learn the top missteps to avoid during remote onboarding and how building relationships is key.

Remote onboarding, the right way

First priority: Helping employees build relationships from day 1