What separates good customer service from exceptional

The difference between good and exceptional customer service comes down to three things: why your customer needs the service you provide; what it means to them; and how you learn from their issues. Watch tech visionary Dave Wright explore how global brands are using the latest from ServiceNow to empower customer experience transformation done right.


You know there’s good customer service, and there is exceptional customer service.

Recently, I was at a hotel and I couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi, and it was just minutes before I had to give a presentation at a really important meeting! The front desk connected me to a support technician… and her playbook was amazing. It could work for me…because she cut out all the basic stuff…but she probably had a different playbook that would have worked for someone, I dunno, like my mom, for example.

And it wasn’t just focused on fixing the problem, but understanding what the problem meant to me.

Since the early days of ServiceNow, we’ve always tried to understand what any problem meant for the customer. One German bank wanted a module we didn’t have on the platform. So what we did is we wrote one together and that set a precedent. In the field, we started showing customers how our existing offerings could address new pain points. And these demos eventually became products.

And that’s what led to some remarkable innovation.

If your playbook can incorporate WHY your customer needs the service and WHAT it means to them—and then LEARN from them, so you can innovate your own products—then that’s transformation done Wright.

Oh, hello, Mum. The computer’s doing what?