Don’t neglect your employee experience

The best companies are creating first-class experience for their customers and employees. Join tech visionary Dave Wright as he explores how top brands are offering premium experiences to everyone who touches their products. Such creative uses of ServiceNow solutions across departments are driving a critical transformation done right.


People are saying that companies are driving digital transformation with all these new services like rideshare, and home rentals, food delivery, or even at-home fitness … But the interesting thing is that none of them have allowed me to do anything new. What they’ve done is delivered a better experience to customers.

And there’s is a lot that we can learn from that.

A certain airline CEO who’s always been at the forefront of experience for a long time has said that happy employees are central to the success of a business. If you can create a happy and enthusiastic workforce, that emotion carries on through to the customers.

But for a lot of enterprise companies, employee experience is just an afterthought. While customers get a glass of champagne and a warm towel, their employees are left with seats that don’t recline and not even a bag of pretzels. Everyone cares too much about the front-end experience, but not enough about where it really counts.

And employees don’t really get a choice into what they use. But don’t forget: they can choose to go elsewhere.

The best companies out there create a first-class atmosphere, offering consumer-like experience to both customers and employees. And that is transformation done Wright.