The race to optimize business

Our latest optimization survey reveals how global executives are automating business processes and increasing productivity
Our latest operation optimization survey reveals how global executives are automating processes.
Learn key facts and numbers that size up low-code software development demand, adoption, and growth.


Low code by the numbers

The state of low code demand, adoption, and growth
The digital revolution is pushing companies to replace siloed structures with digital operating models.


Why you need a digital operating model

In the new world of work, success depends on information, convenience, and exclusivity


The high rewards of low-code apps

Learn how to start investing in low code development tools and strategies for your company.

Crash Course

Low-code development: How (and why) to get started

Strategies for putting low code to work in your organization
Telecom industry winners will embrace digital platforms that deliver frictionless experiences.


Bring your digital twin to work

Emerging workplace tech will free up time by automating routine tasks
Digitisation of government services has restored trust with Australian citizens.


Tech to restore trust

The future of citizen services
Citizen developers will play a vital role in driving UX and business transformation in the future.


Citizen development in the real world

With proper guidance from IT, non-coders can help drive innovation across the organisation
GPT-3, the powerful new NLP model, shows promise to enhance language automation for enterprises.


Can new machine learning model GPT-3 change AI for business?

A powerful new NLP tool is opening up language-based AI applications for the enterprise
Low-code tools allow companies to empower current employees to become citizen developers.


Need citizen developers? Look inside your organization.

You’ll likely find them outside your IT department, ServiceNow’s Gregg Aldana says
The pandemic proved to many organizations how digital innovation can build business resilience.


Become resilient through digital innovation

Making your organization less breakable starts with asking what is most likely to break
Citizen developers can help drive innovation and productivity by creating low-code platforms.


Democratizing code

Low-code tools empower citizen developers and enable innovation at scale
CEOs invested in workflow automation to boost agility. Do they have the people to support it?


CEOs ramped up tech investments to boost agility

But leaders worry if they have the vision, leadership, and talent to build agile organizations