The ServiceNow origin story

Learn how leading global brands are using the latest from ServiceNow to empower innovation.
Organizations need visibility into what's happening within their enterprise technology for success.

From chaos to control, getting enterprise technology synced

The 3 key pillars to a digital transformation strategy are people, connection, and innovation.

People. Innovation. Connections. They can make an enterprise great.

esg reporting

Framework frenzy

ESG reporting is a hot mess of overlapping frameworks and standards. Thankfully, help is on the way.
Eric Siegel machine learning

Most machine learning projects needlessly fail

A conversation with author and machine learning expert Eric Siegel
Learn the top 4 strategies organizations are using to improve supply chain resilience to hedge risk.

4 strategies to improve supply chain resilience

How organizations are using digital technology to hedge supply chain risks

3 mindset shifts to keep Singapore innovative

Singapore’s leaders must think differently about innovation and look to the nation’s past to inspire its future, according to futurist Charlie Ang
Economist and finance CEO Manu Bhaskaran discusses how to ensure Singapore's future economic growth.

Ensuring Singapore’s future growth

Noted Singaporean economist and finance CEO Manu Bhaskaran shares his outlook on how the city-state will keep flourishing in the years ahead
Singapore’s future depends on investing in digital technologies to improve the scale of innovation.

From cloners to explorers

Singapore’s future depends on its leaders embracing innovation—and difference
AI-powered digital twins can find alternate ways to ensure delivery and mitigate supply chain risk.

How digital twins can help unsnarl global supply chains

AI-powered simulation models can replicate disruptions to find alternate ways to ensure delivery of goods
Using AI to predict supply chain disruptions can help increase resilience in turbulent times.

How Port of Montreal is managing supply chain pressures

Port executive Daniel Olivier is using AI and other technologies to create efficiencies and increase resilience in turbulent times
Learn what top enterprise AI practitioners are doing differently to generate bigger returns.

Enterprise AI is starting to pay off. Here’s why.

Author Tom Davenport explains how top AI practitioners are generating bigger returns
Manufacturers must digitize their operations and supply chains to accelerate ESG compliance efforts.

How manufacturers can meet the ESG challenge

As factories digitize their operations and supply chains, they must accelerate ESG tracking and measurement efforts to maintain competitive advantage