A digital gold rush will be built on AI

By automating routine tasks, AI can make work easier, faster, and more meaningful

Today, every business is a digital business. Global advances in AI, analytics, and augmented reality promise new ways to connect people and streamline processes.

Emerging technologies like the metaverse and Web 3.0 have the potential to radically reshape our next decade. With booming regional communities and an economy hungry for skills, Australia is ideally placed to benefit in this digital gold rush.

In this environment, AI presents huge opportunities. But success is fragile. Investments must be careful, with clear returns.


Increase in automation levels during the pandemic, as companies were forced to automate at scale — ServiceNow

When ServiceNow engaged leading AI expert and entrepreneur Catriona Wallace to explore emerging workplace trends, we did not expect the shifts she has uncovered. But as her analysis makes clear, we can expect them to propel Australia’s society and economy forward.

The right foundations

As they invest, executives must consider how systems, operations, and people are working in harmony, or customer and employee experiences will suffer. In a hypercompetitive environment for spending and skills, bad experiences lead to bad results.

In every state and sector, I’ve seen our customers and partners hungry for innovation. I’ve witnessed a clear appreciation of technology’s ability to drive growth, increase resilience, and improve experiences.

During the pandemic, ServiceNow data shows this mentality supercharged. Through a proprietary “Value Scan” process analysing data from the ServiceNow Platform, we saw Aussie organisations use our software and automation more intensively, and across more use-cases, people, and teams.

Automation levels grew by 15.3% as increased demands forced companies to automate at scale. At the same time, the acceleration of hybrid work combined with health and safety concerns fuelled the rapid development of custom apps with the ServiceNow Platform.

A new frontier

Motivated by the collective pursuit of achieving the ultimate work-life balance, Australians are united in making everyday tasks easier, faster, safer, and more meaningful.

After the challenges of the past few years, people have even greater expectations for how they want to get things done. Shifting mindsets and accelerating tech adoption are setting the stage for a decisive decade. How organisations plan and respond today will make or break future success.

The opportunity to deliver measurable uplift for both business and society is clear. Yet while the benefits from transformational technology investments are increasing, just 16% of executives say they have a clearly defined strategy for digital.

As the nation builds a new-look digital economy over the next decade, shared value will be realised only if leaders make the right decisions today.