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7-Eleven improves customer service with ServiceNow
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Deloitte Canada keeps people safe from COVID-19


Employees returning to the office downloaded the app


Workplace capacity thanks to ability to scale-up return to offices


Employees working across 20+ offices in Canada and Chile


ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite enables Deloitte Canada’s employees to return to work with confidence.

A global powerhouse
Established 175 years ago, Deloitte is now a global powerhouse consulting business, delivering world class financial, audit, tax, risk, and other related professional services in 150 countries and territories. Its 300,000+ professionals serve four out of five Fortune Global 500 companies. Across Canada and Chile, ~13,000 professionals generate annual revenues of almost $3 billion, serving clients across 20+ offices.

Forward planning
With a vast global network and unrivalled access to business data, intelligence, and analysis on which it bases its consulting services, Deloitte was able to begin planning its response to the coming COVID-19 crisis as early as January 2020. As a result, when Canada experienced its first national lockdown in March 2020, Deloitte, assisted by ServiceNow, could provide its people with the IT capability to seamlessly move into home and remote working mode, and to continue delivering great service to its clients.

Leadership and practical advice
But even as COVID-19 began taking its toll, organizations understood the importance of planning a gradual reopening of workplaces and a return to business as usual, while observing national lockdown laws and the location-specific advice of public health experts.

Many clients also looked to Deloitte for leadership and practical advice to achieve their goals and keep everyone safe. At the heart of Deloitte’s response was ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite, powered by the Now Platform.

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Deloitte Canada
Deloitte Canada
Toronto, Canada
Professional Services

Without ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace apps we would never have been able to accelerate the re-opening process at scale. Employee surveys tell us that this consistent and standardized national process has been vital in building confidence in the company’s response to COVID-19.

Giselle D’Paiva

Senior Manager

Going mobile and trilingual
The Safe Workplace apps provide a range of services to support a safe return to work, including daily health screenings, client site workplace safety, and contact tracing. Using its forensic understanding of proven ServiceNow technology, Deloitte Canada could quickly configure the apps it needed, making them available on thousands of mobile devices for secure remote use, and providing content in both French and English to meet Canadian bi-lingual laws, and in Spanish for its firm in Chile.

A template for application worldwide
“Considering how quickly the suite had been designed and built, the quality was excellent,” says David Brown, Senior Manager, Business Relationship Management at Deloitte Canada. “It was sufficiently advanced that we could create our own tailored versions without the need for time-consuming customization.” Deloitte employees using Safe Workplace apps were soon confident and well-prepared to begin a phased return to work where necessary, providing a valuable template for safe working throughout the worldwide Deloitte network.

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