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Deloitte UK uses App Engine on the Now Platform
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Deloitte delivers “digital briefcase” built on ServiceNow


New starters processed every month


Pieces of paper saved in the first three months

3 weeks

To produce a self-serve form in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Leading by example
Global professional services giant, Deloitte, knows the power of its people. And to help its UK employees unleash their potential, it transformed how they access information and services to free them up from internal administration and give them everything they need to succeed at their fingertips. Partner and EMEA Leader, Sean Pepper, explains, “Our goal was simple: help staff be the best they can and define a standard of excellence to inspire our customers.”

A digital briefcase
Using Now Value methodology to combine ServiceNow expertise with an impressive array of technology, Deloitte designed what it called a ‘digital briefcase’ for employees – a one-stop shop accessible via mobile, tablet, or desktop to connect them with everything they need to perform their role. Not just when they came to work in the morning, but from the moment they accepted their offer of employment.

Design by committee
The first step in designing technology for people is to find out what those people want. The team interviewed employees, ran proof of concepts, and tested its MySupport portal on small groups until it was optimized in line with feedback and ready to launch.

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London, UK
Professional Services

ServiceNow has literally transformed the way we work. When I say it’s life-changing I’m not exaggerating.

Anita Sanderman

Head of HR Services


Smoother onboarding
One of the key areas transformed by the portal is employee onboarding, which has a dedicated app called MyOnboarding. Paper forms that were printed out, scanned, and emailed have been replaced by a slick digital process to get new starters up and running in no time.

“The virtual onboarding process was great, the technology functioned really smoothly and the whole experience was new and exciting,” reveals Graduate Consulting Analyst, Wei Bin.

Rapidly adapting to change
Employees can perform a variety of actions from the portal, including scheduling holidays and booking meeting rooms, but ServiceNow also helped the HR department stay closer to staff during the pandemic with the rapid rollout of additional support functionality such as wellbeing monitoring and sickness tracking.

“Deloitte is a people-centric business, and it’s really important that working for the firm is easy, engaging, fulfilling, and rewarding,” comments Anita Sanderman, Head of HR Services. “ServiceNow has literally transformed the way we work. When I say it’s life-changing I’m not exaggerating: employees can get anything they need from one portal."

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