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DVSA uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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DVSA reimagines service experience


Increase in monthly self-service


Items listed on service catalog, 100% self-service


Of service interactions deflected to virtual agents

Managing the safety of UK road users
Driving tests were first introduced in the UK more than 80 years ago, and the process has gone through some notable changes in that time. For the millions of adults who take their driving test every year, many will remember nervously waiting for their results as the instructor marks points on their clipboard during the 45-minute test.

The stress is still the same, but the clipboard is now a thing of the past. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has gone digital. “We’ve fully embraced digital, from the office to the roadside,” says Nia Hatchett, Head of User Services, DVSA.

“There are now very few processes that aren’t digital.” A digital, mobile workforce required a rethink of IT support. DVSA wanted to create a streamlined service approach that would allow round-the-clock support. This would allow for greater self-service, the introduction of chatbots, and omni-channel support.

Creating a new service mindset
The adoption of the Now Platform has transformed DVSA’s service outlook. UK-based service partner, FlyForm, working with ServiceNow’s design best practice, built a portal on the Now Platform that has steadily grown in terms of self-service and automation. It provides round-the-clock support to DVSA’s 4,800 employees.

“It’s been a very collaborative relationship,” says Nia. “FlyForm really understands us as a business and has really helped to make sure we keep designing best practices and get the best from the ServiceNow technology.”

ServiceNow IT Service Management Pro is at the core of DVSA’s new service position. Today, the agency has more than 225 catalog items available to answer staff requests – from ordering office supplies to guaranteeing the swift delivery of road safety and PPE for frontline staff. ServiceNow Virtual Agent has helped deflect 55% of calls, and all staff can raise incidents and requests from a smartphone.

According to one user’s experience, “After a few months at DVSA, one morning I experienced an issue with my laptop. Unable to resolve it myself, I logged a ticket on the user services portal. It went through the necessary stages of IT support relatively quickly but, unfortunately, I needed a new laptop. Fast forward to the next day and I received a replacement laptop and exchanged my old one, all delivered right to my doorstep. How is that for a prompt service!”

The ‘smartness’ of the portal continues to grow, says Nia. There has been a 370% increase in knowledge articles viewed each month since launch. “We have a widget button to prompt feedback, compliments, and complaints. We know the best way to increase the relevancy of the portal is to engage users,” she explains. “It’s a journey but one that users are prepared to go on because they feel they’re being listened to.”

DVSA is using ServiceNow Performance Analytics for trend analysis to spot common issues or repeat requests. This then informs new knowledge base articles or automation.

“We now have a continuous focus on finding new workflows to automate. There is an appetite to self-serve and streamline,” says Nia.

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Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
Bristol, UK
Public Sector

Our partnership with FlyForm and ServiceNow has been a success. We look forward to getting even more value out of future ServiceNow functions.

Nia Hatchett

Head of User Services


Accelerating a change in workstyle
In terms of workstyle, the direction of travel for DVSA has for some time been towards mobility. The disruption caused by COVID-19 accelerated those plans.

As COVID-19 hit, and office staff were required to work from home, FlyForm helped to build up the service catalog, from ordering IT office supplies to guaranteeing the swift delivery of road safety and personal protection equipment for frontline staff.

“ServiceNow allows me to see what work is being scheduled and share that workload equitably across the team,” says a DVSA service desk team leader. “Supporting colleagues is now more important than ever as we are all working remotely, and the information I get from ServiceNow helps me balance statistics, performance, and identify any issues our users may have.”

Maintaining momentum with focus on the user
The aim is to maintain momentum, particularly around the user experience. Integration with the HappySignals experience management platform and Performance Analytics will enable DVSA to collect users’ feedback and usage behavior to inform future updates. In addition, FlyForm is working with DVSA to explore Predictive Intelligence, Software Asset Management, and further CMDB enrichment.

“We look forward to getting more value out of future ServiceNow functions like Asset Management and Predictive Intelligence, and to further optimize our Virtual Agent to deliver more benefits to end users.

“I’m hopeful it will help our forecasting and remove some manual processes,” says Nia. “The days of trawling through a lengthy spreadsheet are over.”

So long, spreadsheet. So long, clipboard.

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