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BT uses the Now Platform
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Haufe Group smoothly integrates diverse systems


Growth in 2019, with sales exceeding €400 million


Per year saved by canceling another contract


Participants across 11,000 digital learning events

Haufe Group wanted to use the flexibility of its ServiceNow technology to provide a great working environment for employees to flourish, so it deployed a user-friendly, highly personalized employee portal to meet individual needs and deliver access to multiple services.

Embracing the digital future with confidence
From its base in the beautiful Black Forest of south west Germany, Haufe Group is on a mission — to help its millions of DACH customers embrace the digital future with confidence. Its software, consulting, and training solutions are equipping entrepreneurial individuals and businesses with innovative technologies, knowledge, skills, and workplace tools.

Translating ideas into solutions
From its own transformation as a traditional publisher to a provider of integrated digital business solutions, Haufe Group knows what it takes to flourish in today’s ever-changing work environment. For its 2,100 employees to deliver great results for its customers, it needs the freedom and the tools to translate great ideas into viable solutions at high speed.

“The opportunities presented by digitization offer us numerous opportunities to further develop our offerings and products and thus also acquire new customers. We not only benefit from this in terms of sales, but also secure the profitable growth of the Haufe Group,” says Harald Wagner, CFO at Haufe Group.

Rolling program of service enhancements
ServiceNow provides the core technology platform used by Haufe Group’s employees in seven countries. A user-friendly portal, available in both German and English featuring a landing page that can be highly personalized to meet individual needs and preferences, provides users with access to the Now Platform’s set of shared services and functionality. This combination delivers a high-quality user experience, enabling fast and effective team working and collaboration. Haufe constantly tests employee satisfaction and has a rolling program of service enhancements for users.


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Huafe Group
Haufe Group
Freiburg, Germany

Digital technology is my passion and ServiceNow shares my passion.

Larissa Wissmann

Head of Digital Enterprise Services


Delivering at speed
Rather than impose ServiceNow on its teams, Haufe’s philosophy is to spend time with its people, to define the IT landscape they need to do their best work. ServiceNow’s platform architecture enables Haufe to accommodate many diverse, best-of-breed systems and successfully integrate them into its corporate environment. “ServiceNow understands our philosophy and its technology provides the flexibility and simplicity for us to deliver our vision at speed,” says Larissa Wissmann, Head of Digital Enterprise Services at Haufe Group.

Happy, productive employees
“Digital technology is my passion and ServiceNow shares my passion,” adds Larissa. “I’m convinced by ServiceNow. Colleagues across our business can see its value and how it helps them to do great work. Happy employees are productive employees, and happy, productive employees produce happy customers!”

In recognition of Haufe’s commitment to its people and to the digital future, the group was named “Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019” in the digital transformation category of Ernst & Young’s prestigious entrepreneurial excellence awards.

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