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Hexaware uses the Now Platform
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Hexaware delivers uninterrupted services during the COVID-19 pandemic


Days to deploy the Emergency Self Report


View of truth for the crisis response team

> 20%

Employees self-reported health status

Hexaware Technologies implemented the ServiceNow Emergency Self Report application in conjunction with the Now Platform to navigate the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company seamlessly manages the health and well-being of 20,000 employees while delivering services to customers.

By leveraging the solution with other business continuity planning measures, the company achieved work-from-home revenue for 99% of IT work and 80% of business process standardization.

In a third-party survey, 93% of customer respondents provided positive feedback for the company’s high productivity, engagement, and commitment during this difficult time.



The Emergency Self Report app enables our employees to report their current health status so that we can initiate workflows to help managers respond accordingly.

Dr. Vishwanath Joshi

Chief People Officer

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

The Now Platform

Explore the solution that helps Hexaware employees serve customers remotely

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