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Ivy Tech uses CSM on the Now Platform
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How do we focus on education, not administration?


Unique workflows implemented at launch


Database servers retired, supporting legacy intranet systems


Students supported

Fueling Indiana’s economy
Ivy Tech Community College is the beating heart of Indiana’s educational system, supplying many of the skills that fuel the state’s vibrant economy and public life. One of the largest colleges of its type in the United States, Ivy Tech teaches more than 150,000 students every year in diverse subjects embracing the arts and sciences, business, IT, nursing, social and health services, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics. Ivy Tech combines state-of-the-art teaching facilities in 75 communities, with more than 1,000 online courses.

Focusing on education, not administration
The college is striving to provide the tools and working environment for faculty and staff to deliver a stimulating, high-quality, and secure educational experience for students, leveraging resources as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. To make this happen, Ivy Tech is eliminating, time-consuming, manual processes. By bringing all relevant information and services together in one place, readily available online, accessible on multiple devices 24/7, students can focus on their education, not the administration of their education.

A place to get things done
Ivy Tech embraced ServiceNow to transform its intranet user experience replacing multiple, disconnected legacy systems with just one called MyIvy. Now the entire Ivy Tech community—students, faculty, and staff—can access the same single platform and use ServiceNow’s rich functionality to create their own bespoke environment to suit each individual’s needs and preferences. MyIvy is much more than a single source of information—it’s a familiar, trusted place of work, with the right tools, in the right place, enabling Ivy Tech people to get things done.

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Ivy Tech Community College
Ivy Tech Community College
Indianapolis, Indiana

Our cloud-first strategy, focused on deploying the very best enterprise SaaS platforms, led us to forge an incredible partnership with ServiceNow.

Matt Etchison

Chief Information Officer


Speed, simplicity, clarity
For Ivy Tech, the MyIvy user experience—speed, simplicity, clarity—is everything, with knowledge articles, documents, key daily tasks, news, and updates prominently displayed and available in a single click. With proactive support, students get straight to their classwork, faculty can make a last-minute change to a lesson plan, and staff can log vacation dates or approve a supplier’s invoice. MyIvy is the perfect vehicle for the Ivy Achieves awards program, which rewards students as they fully engage in college life and build their skills and capabilities.

Setting national standards
As well as enabling 150,000 students and 6,000 employees to flourish and be more productive, ServiceNow is delivering significant cost savings and efficiencies too. Self-service is replacing tickets, legacy systems, and associated licenses are no longer required; IT staff can now focus on more strategic initiatives. The word is spreading, with plans to extend the use of ServiceNow technology throughout the organization. With Ivy Tech’s national reputation for digital innovation, the transformation of MyIvy is grabbing the attention of college administrators throughout the United States.

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