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7-Eleven improves customer service with ServiceNow
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La Mutuelle Générale’s new IT portal boosts productivity


Reduction in processing times for expenditure requests


Minute to register a ticket, previously five minutes


Complete customer autonomy

Maintaining user satisfaction
La Mutuelle Générale (LMG), France’s third largest mutual health insurance provider, offers a comprehensive package of health protection and pension services. With a turnover of €1.23B, the provider’s business is split almost equally between mutual and private customers.

(LMG) has been in business for more than 75 years and has always kept abreast of technological innovation. 

Its philosophy of continuous improvement has, more recently, focused on aligning IT goals with business objectives to deliver services that meet the demands of both its members and internal users.

In 2016, the business was already using ServiceNow to provide a portal for internal users, enabling high-quality digital processing of files. On one of his frequent visits to the business’ regional offices to obtain user feedback on the IT tools in use, LMG’s Information Systems Director found that a key stumbling block was the service portal’s user experience. User uptake was low, its slow performance was unpopular, and the top-down functional options did not work well together.

When Céline Tricerri joined LMG in 2019 as Head of Information and Process Quality, there was a single objective behind her reorganization of the entire Information Systems Division (ISD): to create a quality culture. This contributed to the implementation of ServiceNow IT Service Management.

A self-service element was also added, to stop time being wasted on recurring tickets or those with low added value, and to allow users to take control. This was achieved by creating a smooth and intuitive portal capable of integrating other applications, which significantly improved satisfaction among both employees and customers.

Boosting productivity
Fast-forward to 2020 and the overarching objective became to boost productivity, particularly in platforms that use ServiceNow for day-to-day customer operations. “We wanted to reduce the number of clicks, and previous misunderstandings relating to specific paths and particular semantic uses,” explains Céline.

The new portal cuts the number of clicks needed to carry out day-to-day file management from six to just one, increasing the number of customer calls that can be handled, and boosting user satisfaction. Quality and Process Research Officer, Valérie Rock, says: “I find the tool very useful for reporting. I view the daily incidents each morning and can instruct ISD teams to deal with them.”

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La Mutuelle Générale
La Mutuelle Générale
Paris, France
Financial Services

ServiceNow’s comprehensive strategy of continuous improvement has contributed significantly to both its success and ours.

Céline Tricerri

Head of Information and Process Quality


Full migration of service catalog
“La Mutuelle Générale really stands out for its ability to innovate, which explains why we have such a diverse tool and cutting-edge technology,” says Johnny Depasse, ISD Research Engineer, LMG.

With ServiceNow IT Service Management, the business migrated its entire service catalog to the new portal, optimizing access times for the forms needed to process customer files. The ISD has also designed a tool, called the Commitment and Monitoring Sheet, to accelerate the processing of expenditure commitments. Following its digitization with ServiceNow, the company has cut processing times from 16 days to six.

A new ServiceNow solution handles the full employee onboarding process. In a few clicks, new staff are automatically assigned an IT account, an office, an email address, and all the applications they need. The orchestration tool queries LMG’s corporate directory, which in turn accesses the HR and project management functions. “These systems were previously unconnected,” explains Céline, adding that Naëlla Al Hassan, who liaises between business teams and the ISD, can now easily identify the status of all services, and can contact managers directly in the event of a breakdown.

Strong commitment from senior management
Key to the project’s business-wide success is the strong commitment shown by infrastructure managers, driven by the company’s Information Services Director, who backed the portal’s rapid three-month implementation.

“ServiceNow’s comprehensive strategy of continuous improvement has contributed significantly to our success. We worked to introduce a quality process and service management system for over a year. It allowed us to demonstrate that it was more than just a concept,” says Céline.

IT democratization
Johnny notes: “The ServiceNow portal enables us to provide tools that are easy to use by design.” This democratized approach broadens the IT functions reach and allows users to create simple, quick, and useful tools that meet exacting standards.

Certification is a priority for LMG, and a critical requirement for many of its customers. The ISD is now looking to use ServiceNow to contribute to the business’ ISO 27001 status, and to ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 certifications for the accounting department. It is also set to be a key factor in developing new strategies and concepts, building new dashboards, and driving overall performance.

With a dynamic IT team and a coherent approach to architecture and implementation, LMG is ramping up digitization with ServiceNow at its core.

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