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7-Eleven improves customer service with ServiceNow
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La Mutuelle Générale boosts productivity


Reduction in processing times


Minute to register tickets compared to five minutes previously


Complete customer autonomy

A business seeking continuous improvement
La Mutuelle Générale, France’s third-largest mutual health insurer, offers a comprehensive package of health and pension cover. The provider’s business is split almost equally between mutual and private customers, with a turnover of €1.23bn and over 1,900 employees. Boasting expertise that dates back over 75 years, the provider has a proud history of moving with the times.

Maintaining user satisfaction
In 2016, La Mutuelle Générale embarked on a process of improving its services and began using ServiceNow to create a portal for internal users to facilitate file-processing services. Following meetings with users, however, the business identified an overall lack of acceptance and user satisfaction in the portal.

Boosting productivity
In 2020, the Information Systems Division (ISD) decided to implement ServiceNow IT Service Management, and to add a self-service function. The aim was to create a smooth and intuitive portal that handled multiple services for staff. Initial results showed that day-to-day file management could now be carried out in just one click, as opposed to six, substantially increasing the volume of calls that could be handled.

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La Mutuelle Générale
La Mutuelle Générale
Paris, France
Financial Services

ServiceNow’s comprehensive strategy of continuous improvement has contributed significantly to both its success and ours.

Céline Tricerri

Head of Information and Process Quality


Full migration of service catalog
With ServiceNow, the business migrated its entire service catalog to the new portal, optimizing access times for the forms needed to process customer files. Moreover, the process for onboarding colleagues automatically triggers an orchestration tool that allows new staff members to begin work as quickly as possible.

IT democratization
The service portal provides simple, quick, and useful tools that meet exacting standards. The ISD is now looking to use ServiceNow to contribute to the business’ ISO 27001 certification as well as developing new strategies and concepts, building new dashboards, and driving overall performance.

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