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City of Los Angeles
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A digital transformation provides fast and easy access to vital services in Los Angeles


Citizens benefit from city services


Businesses access city support


Hours to develop a custom COVID-19 testing app


The world in one city
The City of Los Angeles is one of the most diverse and multicultural places in the world. The City is home to four million people, half a million businesses, and, on any given day, you can hear 124 different languages and dialects being spoken by its citizens. Los Angeles’ world-famous sights and sounds draw 48 million visitors every year, while its port is the biggest and busiest in the United States.

Services with people in mind
The City provides essential services and helpful information for citizens, businesses, and visitors alike, embracing health and housing, education and the environment, animal protection, and loans for small firms. With increasing pressure on government budgets, the City is expanding its use of digital technology to provide fast and easy access to its services, to achieve its goal of enabling citizens to get the assistance they need, when they need it, and how they need it.

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City of Los Angeles
City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California

We’re dedicated to helping Angelenos, being responsible with our funds, and providing the best service we can, in ways that suit the public. Having trusted, supportive partners like ServiceNow helps us accomplish this goal.

Joyce Edson

Executive Officer and Deputy CIO Information Technology Agency

A platform for digital transformation 
Given the City’s huge range of responsibilities, its central Information Technology Agency (ITA) aims to provide great technical foundations that empower individual City departments’ IT teams to quickly develop bespoke applications that meet the specific needs of the citizens they serve. Beginning with a small scale ITSM engagement, ServiceNow is now one of the core platforms at the heart of the City’s digital transformation, used extensively to provide cost effective, instantly accessible, and easy-to-use online tools.

Empowering departments
“We use ServiceNow to help our businesses run more effectively and efficiently,” explains Information Systems Manager, Eduardo Magos. “We use the platform heavily for our incident, asset, and change management activities, reducing unplanned outages and improving City-wide communications. We use it to manage major projects and provide reports for executive scrutiny, and to establish centralized IT standards, best practice, and cost-effectively use resources that department-based IT teams can access and use to fast-track their own activities with confidence.”

Solutions across the City
ServiceNow technology is part of what is making a difference across Los Angeles. It is providing Los Angeles’ District Attorney’s office staff with live access to documents and the ability to update case notes while on the go. With Customer Service Management, citizens now use a simple portal to report workers’ complaints about breaches of minimum wage levels or overtime payments. The ServiceNow team supported Los Angeles’ coronavirus crisis response too. With the App Engine platform, the City was able to design, build, and launch a custom COVID-19 testing app in just 72 hours.

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