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Reducing query times and improving the employee experience


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Flying high with ServiceNow

Overseeing three airports in the UK, the Manchester Airports Group serves around 60 million passengers per year. It also employs 6,000 people, so the company’s HR needs to be modern and efficient. But until recently, its staff was using manual email sorting which was creating an inconsistent user experience and leading to long recruitment, hiring and onboarding times. 

Manchester Airports Group wanted to tackle these issues and reduce the £5,000 cost per new hire. It relied on ServiceNow HR Service Delivery to create an intuitive and robust workflow, introduce automation and standardize responses for general queries. 

All HR information can now be found in one place. A single HR portal means that all employees can search for answers or submit a request for support, with full visibility into the tickets’ progress. 

Manchester Airports Group was able to hire 2,000 new employees with less effort, reduce query times and improve employee experience. The organization also uses the new tools to look at future opportunities.

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Manchester Airports Group
Manchester, United Kingdom
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A big part of why we're making the investment in the ServiceNow platform is about giving us the ability to scale our business without introducing structural inefficiency.

Ryan Cant

Chief Digital Officer

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HR Service Delivery

Explore the solution that helps Manchester Airports Group enhance efficiency

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