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Magellan Health creates a workplace of the future with ServiceNow


Of inquiries now resolved via self-service


Reduction in HR caseload


Decrease in time to resolve cases

A Fortune 500 specialty healthcare company with almost 11,000 employees spread across the US, Magellan Health attracts and retains exceptional employees by delivering a superior HR experience. It uses ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery to simplify access to HR services, eliminate frustration, and help improve Magellan Health employee satisfaction.

Redefining the employee service experience

Magellan Health knows passionate employees drive their success
The people who work at Magellan Health bring a blend of clinical excellence and empathy to their jobs, while never losing focus of their purpose—leading humanity to healthy vibrant lives. Magellan knows that passionate, motivated employees equal success.

To support this growth, Magellan needs to hire and retain the right people. “We need to attract people who embrace the company’s vision and values,” explains Pat Tourigny, Senior Vice President, HR Shared Services, Magellan Health. “By creating the best possible professional experience, we can build our reputation as an employer of choice.”

ServiceNow enables a powerful, consumer-like experience for Magellan Health employees
Magellan believes that it is important to bring a consumer-like experience to the workplace. This consumer focus includes empowering employees to access the HR services they need—benefits, leave, and payroll—by replacing an antiquated HR call center with self-directed technology.

“Our consumer initiative in HR was designed to make life easier for our employees and focus on what matters to them the most,” says Pat. At the heart of the new HR service site is the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery solution, built on the Now Platform®. Powerful search now sources answers to employees’ questions by mining HR content related to their specific queries.

VERN is an acronym for Virtual Employee Resource Network.

VERN, Magellan’s modern, self-service destination, saves employees’ valuable time, so they can focus on patient outcomes
The new site is fondly referred to as VERN—short for Virtual Employee Resource Network. VERN, a playful, red-headed character brings the site to life. Employees use VERN’s search engine just as they would in their consumer world. When they don’t find what they’re looking for, they can submit questions to an HR representative and easily track open cases. Topics like compensation, vacation, and parental leave are now at their fingertips anytime on any device.

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Magellan Health’s VERN doll

With 700 searches each day, Magellan employees are engaged and have fully embraced VERN. With the help of ServiceNow, VERN has fielded nearly 225,000 employee inquiries since it went live. Of these, 75% have been answered through site content. Most of the remaining inquiries are resolved by HR within three hours, against a 48-hour service level agreement. On a daily basis, an average of 135 cases are solved within eight hours.

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Magellan Health
Magellan Health
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
5,001 to 50,000
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ServiceNow brought VERN to life. The impact of VERN is felt across the organization.

Pat Tourigny

Senior Vice President, HR Shared Services, Magellan Health


Self-service automates routine processes and boosts HR productivity
Accessing forms, reviewing policies, and securing approvals has never been easier. As a result, HR’s caseload has been reduced by 40%, allowing the team to focus on other pressing priorities, such as recruitment and employee-focused initiatives.

For Magellan, this means that everyone can get back to the work that matters most—helping people live their best lives—more quickly than before.

As a trusted collaborator, ServiceNow helps Magellan deliver on its promise to be an employer of choice
The decision to go with ServiceNow was a simple one for Magellan because it already has the Now Platform in place from an earlier initiative.

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery provides HR with a dashboard of the cases they’re working on. It also gives the team a clear line of sight into the information people are looking for. For example, they noticed that one-third of escalated cases were related to payroll. This prompted the team to create more content on this topic, resulting in a decline in payroll-related queries.

Magellan plans to add data and analytics capabilities to VERN in the near future to help measure business impact. The HR team will also combine data from VERN with other services and processes, such as tuition reimbursement for employees.

“ServiceNow helped us create a workplace of the future,” says Pat. “We see behavioral change in the form of more satisfied and motivated employees, a strengthened reputation as an employer of choice, and a greater focus on strategic growth priorities.”

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ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Demo the solution that helped Magellan Health create a workplace of the future.

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