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 MedAire uses CSM on the Now Platform
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How do you make flying safer?


Visibility of passenger data


Increase in efficiency of health assessments


Leading airlines receive faster medical aid

Increased health safety in the air
In the COVID era, it’s critical to conduct fit-to-fly health assessments on passengers before they board the aircraft. Additionally, if a passenger falls ill on a plane flying at 30,000 ft, cabin crew may urgently need backup from expert medical help on the ground. These are now two of the most sought after services provided by MedAire, an international SOS company formed in 1985 by critical care flight nurse, Joan Sullivan Garrett.

Need for a more specialized system
MedAire typically receives over 500 calls a day into its global contact centers, generating huge quantities of data and demanding the ultimate in organizational efficiency. The business had created its own proprietary system for case management; and it was seeking out ways to take its service to the next level with an end-to-end flow of information. The arrival of COVID provided an ideal opportunity to establish a new approach focused on automated workflows.

Speedier assistance is on hand
On the advice of its implementation partner, MedAire tested ServiceNow Customer Service Management. Satisfied with  the  integration  features, the new fit-to-fly assessment process was built in four weeks. This was implemented first, using a third-party cloud platform, followed by in-flight services. To ease the change management process, ServiceNow Customer Service Management implemented MedAire’s unique fit-to-fly algorithm to generate the necessary assessment questions. This automated system delivers data such as flight number and  airport  origin  and  destination, and accelerates communication with airlines.

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We’re the industry’s trusted partner to help passengers and crew travel the world safely—ServiceNow is supporting us in this.

Bill Dolny


Algorithm generates in-depth questions
The adoption of ServiceNow has reduced fit-to-fly assessment times by 10%. “Customer Service Management streamlines our operations, enabling us to increase speed and efficiency and reduce miscommunications. It provides structured documentation which improves the quality of our medical records and that is a formidable advantage,” says Dr Paulo Alves, Global Director of Aviation Health, MedAire.

Significant improvement in efficiency
MedAire is now updating its apps and reporting tools. This includes integrating the in-flight app that takes crew through what to do in a medical emergency, and automating the time-consuming process of documenting completed cases. If a plane needs to divert due to a medical emergency, MedAire’s database of 5,000 airports can advise on the closest hospital, providing the quickest time-to-care. “We’re a leader in our industry, and we are always evolving. ServiceNow enables our next evolution. In an uncertain world we can face the future with confidence,” says Bill Dolny, CEO, MedAire.

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