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Mindtree uses ITAM on the Now Platform
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Mindtree’s IT service delivery business does well, by doing good


Decrease in time to complete routine tasks


Improvement in incident management resolution time


Reduction in IT operations costs

Bringing people, the planet, and profits together
For Mindtree, focusing on its people (referred to as “Minds”), the planet, and profit represents a triple bottom line. And its efforts have paid off. For example, Mindtree recently started its fiscal year with its highest-ever order bookings and garnered a Silver rating by trusted sustainability rating provider EcoVadis that placed it among the top 25% of more than 75,000 companies.

Building customer success
In addition to its focus on sustainability, Mindtree sets itself apart by bringing a collaborative spirit to support its clients through training and education so they can get the business insights they need. Beyond technical expertise, Mindtree also offers industry insight—from financial services and communication to retail, travel, and healthcare—to deliver technology solutions that help solve customers’ business problems. Together, the team’s entrepreneurial spirit helps clients succeed.

Mindtree has set an ambitious goal to grow its ServiceNow practice to more than $100M over the next three to five years. It plans to do so by supporting customers with existing ServiceNow workflows—including IT, employee, and customer service— and building industry-specific apps on ServiceNow App Engine.

“With the rapid increase in ServiceNow adoption, I’m having more discussions about how ServiceNow is not just an IT tool,” says Alex Nicholas, vice president and global head of ServiceNow business at Mindtree. “We see a growing need to help customers leverage the workflow engine to serve specific business requirements, enabling them to use ServiceNow as an enterprise business platform.”

“We want to grow as a business, to help ServiceNow and our customers use the platform they’ve already invested in and take advantage of more emerging solutions like ServiceNow Connected Operations or ServiceNow Procurement Management,” continues Nicholas. “We are excited to deploy our ability, knowledge, and scale to bring more value to clients and end users.”

Helping accelerate business transformation
A ServiceNow partner since 2015, Mindtree brings deep expertise to its customer engagements, beginning with an IT maturity assessment. Subsequently, the team makes recommendations, develops short- and long-term roadmaps, and starts the customer onboarding journey. Most ServiceNow implementations—80% to 85%—begin with three primary solutions: ServiceNow IT Service Management, ServiceNow IT Operations Management, and ServiceNow IT Asset Management.

Based on Mindtree’s guidance and best practices, rapid implementations build customers’ confidence in its service delivery, often leading to further implementations, including ServiceNow Security Operations, DevOps, Customer Service Management, and HR Service Delivery.

Ultimately, Mindtree enables customers to expand from an initial ServiceNow implementation to a strategic, industry-aligned enterprise business platform. Its proven methodology demonstrates how ServiceNow can deliver business value to customers. Moreover, Mindtree offers a knowledge bank with reusable assets, documented experiences, challenges, and critical success factors essential for successful implementations.

“Our customers are looking to accelerate transformation. That involves us either implementing new processes, providing resources, or collaborating with our customers to redesign the way they develop products to get them to market faster,” Nicholas says.

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Bangalore, India & Warren, New Jersey
IT Workplace Services

ServiceNow is helping our customers in their digital journeys and streamlining workflows.

Alex Nicholas

VP and Global Head ServiceNow Business


Saving time and money with automation
Beyond the initial implementation, Mindtree provides customers with continued support and enhancements. For example, Mindtree helps customers automate workflows with ServiceNow, reducing the time required to complete routine activities by up to 80%. With ServiceNow IT Service Management, Mindtree customers reduce IT operations costs by 50%. What’s more, customers usually experience 30% faster incident resolution with self-service, which provides comprehensive answers to common questions, and knowledge management, which helps employees find relevant, accurate, and consistent information.

Building on what ServiceNow offers, Mindtree focuses on creating runbook automations and has more than 100 unique cases today to help customers automate more broadly. It plans to create more unique cases to add even more value and improve the end-user experience.

What’s more, Mindtree has developed chatbot solutions to address customer needs and integrate seamlessly with other technologies.

Mindtree is also an early adopter of ServiceNow Connected Operations and has several industry IoT use cases and solutions, making it a unique provider in digitization and IoT-enabled automations.

Taking advantage of data
Using the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as a single system of record for IT infrastructure and digital service data is highly beneficial for many customers. “Once you have the correct data in your system, that is your single source of truth,” says Amit Sahoo, associate vice president and global ServiceNow lead at Mindtree. “Then, with all of the work you do in ServiceNow IT Service Management or any other related modules that depend on CMDB data, life becomes easier, and you can save a lot of time because you have all assets in place."

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