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NewRocket innovates to RiseUp with ServiceNow


NextGen infuses diverse points of view, fresh insights, and stronger empathy


Diversity is the secret sauce for transformative solutions


Fuels growth with ServiceNow NextGen talent

Fueling talent development

NewRocket is an Elite ServiceNow partner that works with more than 1,000 clients around the globe, helping top enterprise leaders solve their toughest business problems and navigate change with confidence. Because of the results the company delivers, NewRocket continues to experience rapid growth, which it aspires to fuel with NextGen talent from ServiceNow.

What is NextGen? The NextGen Professionals Program is a ServiceNow initiative to equip participants with critical entry-level technical skills on the Now Platform. It provides an alternative path in the ServiceNow ecosystem for underrepresented and traditionally disadvantaged groups, combining education, training, mentoring, and hands-on ServiceNow experience to unlock the potential of diverse talent.

Thousands of program graduates are now building fulfilling careers with ServiceNow customers and partners, helping companies foster diverse workforces that result in better decision-making, increased productivity, and enhanced innovation. NextGen is also a key component of the broader RiseUp with ServiceNow program, which is designed to train one million people on ServiceNow by the end of 2024.

Diverse perspectives and unique insights

Emily McQueen, Director of Performance and Talent Enablement at NewRocket, explains why the company believes in and is an advocate for the RiseUp and NextGen programs. “We’re committed to making NewRocket a top destination for talent. Our clients come to us for guidance as they face the business challenges that come with digital transformation. To provide the best guidance, we need the best crew, one that can quickly draw on combined expertise, knowledge, and insights to solve the ever-evolving and growing complexity of digital transformation.

“That takes a team with diverse perspectives and unique insights. When people come from varied backgrounds and industry experiences, they see things you miss if you’ve spent all of your career in IT. Bringing together that diversity is the secret sauce for innovative solutions.

“NewRocket has always known this. We were formed through the merger of six existing companies—different sizes, cultures, regions, and areas of expertise. When we unified as one company, it was our combined differences that made us a premier partner to ServiceNow. To capture the power of this diversity, we started NewRocket University—to create a platform for learning from each other and our partners. And it’s our commitment to our crew to remain a learning organization. That’s why when ServiceNow launched RiseUp, NewRocket was one of the first partners to reach out and ask how we could help.”

Emily concludes, “I believe that NextGen will inject incredible growth and innovation into the ServiceNow ecosystem. It infuses diverse points of view, fresh insights, and stronger empathy, all of which will translate into extraordinary results for ServiceNow partners and customers. And it aligns perfectly with NewRocket’s commitment to developing top-tier talent to serve our clients.”

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Vista, California
IT Services and Consulting
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I believe that NextGen will inject incredible growth and innovation into the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Emily McQueen

Director of Performance and Talent Enablement

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