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ServiceNow uses the Now Platform
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ServiceNow enables the hybrid workplace


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Reservations managed in 2021


Employees prepared for a safe return to our 74 offices in 29 countries

Rising to the challenges of a pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, we pivoted virtually overnight to a nearly all-remote workforce by using the Now Platform®, digital workflows, and our Safe Workplace apps. As an example, we went to 100% remote onboarding of new hires and made it easy for them to get the equipment and resources they need to be productive on Day 1. We also securely integrated vendors and partners into our ecosystem.

We’ve continued to grow rapidly. At the start of 2022, we had over 15,000 employees working out of 74 offices in 29 countries.

Enabling the hybrid workplace
Recognizing that the hybrid work model is here to stay, a cross-functional team including Workplace Services, HR, Legal, IT, and Communications came together to enable a hybrid workplace that equips our employees—whether remote or in the office—to do their best work. Our guiding principle is the health and safety of our employees, contractors, vendors, and guests.

Challenges include:
• Keep employees informed about return to workplace policies and local guidelines.
• Gain visibility into community, workplace and workforce readiness and safety.
• Provide a safe, flexible, working environment for employees and visitors.
• Make it easy for employees to navigate a hybrid work model.

Our solution
Using ServiceNow® products running on the Now Platform, our hybrid workplace features:
• Clear communication of policies and workflow processes based on regional and local laws.
• Digital workflows to coordinate activities across functions with full insight into enterprise-wide readiness.
• Automated tracking of health and vaccination status across all facilities, in alignment with government regulations and local requirements.
• Self-service and mobility to allow employees to easily complete return-to-work tasks and submit service requests.

Clear communication of local policies and processes
Regulations can change rapidly and vary widely by location. That’s why it’s critical that we provide updates quickly, using multiple channels to ensure the broadest possible reach. Legal and other teams review these communications to assist with accuracy and compliance with local laws.

In addition to emails and virtual briefings, we use several online channels:
• Unified Employee Portal –General company information, localized content, and links to services and resources
• Now@Work site – ServiceNow social site with group-specific and special interest subsites
• Return to Workplace & COVID-19 Resources microsite – One-stop shop for workplace-related news, resources, and tasks
• Knowledge Base articles – Step-by-step procedures for returning to work safely (180,000+ views since October 2021)

Digital workflows to coordinate activities across functions
Our return to workplace involves multiple tasks that must be coordinated across multiple organizations. Trying to manage this effort manually is not only inefficient and time-consuming, but also increases the likelihood of human error. At ServiceNow, the Now Platform, digital workflows, and our Workplace Service Delivery solution automate and coordinate activities and enable us to adapt quickly in this dynamic environment. As an example, as local conditions change, we can adjust our maximum capacities at each location to help meet physical distancing requirements, work-from-home mandates, etc.

Managing workplace personas is another example. Employees are assigned one of three personas—remote, flexible, or required in office—each with its own work-related procedures. Changing personas (for example, when an office worker moves to an area without a ServiceNow site) is a complex process involving multiple teams including Immigration, Compensation, HR business partners, and Legal as well as layers of approvals. The Now Platform coordinates all these activities and handoffs behind the scenes, including sending reminders to keep the process moving forward smoothly.

This visibility into local requirements is tremendously helpful for travel. When an employee makes a reservation to visit an office, they are notified ahead of time about the safety requirements for that location, so they can arrive fully prepared.

Ever-changing privacy regulations such as GDPR make data gathering and sharing a top priority. What data are we retaining, and for how long? And while we have the data, who has access to it? Staying ahead of these regulations through human effort alone is asking for trouble. Here, too, the Now Platform helps us keep pace with regulations and manage data collection, access, and retention.

Automated tracking of health and vaccination status
Initially, contact tracing was done when someone had been exposed. When offices began to reopen, we ramped up tracking using our Health Status app. As an example, after each visit to a ServiceNow facility, employees must submit a list of those with whom they had had contact. This allows us to proactively map contacts and alert employees should someone test positive.

We use our Vaccine Status app to track vaccinations. Initially this was done on an honor basis, however, we currently require employees to upload their vaccination cards. The Performance Analytics capabilities of the Now Platform provide a dashboard that gives our leaders an up-to-date view of the percentage of our workforce that is fully vaccinated, in progress, or unvaccinated.

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Santa Clara, California

As COVID-19 continues to evolve, and government and health experts update guidance, the power of the Now Platform allows us to adjust requirements at a localized level, keeping our employees informed and safe while returning to the workplace.

Tonya Thornburgh

Sr. Director, Workplace Services

Self-service and mobility for return-to-work tasks and service requests
As consumers, we increasingly want to self-solve issues. By driving self-service, we provide employees with consumer-like experiences that help them resolve issues quickly. For example, Knowledge Base articles provide step-by-step guidance to address common issues such as password reset.

Employees also want convenience, and this is where our ServiceNow Mobile app comes in. With a few taps on their mobile phone, employees can reserve workspaces, report health status, report their daily contacts, and submit service requests.

Mobility also helps improve the experience and productivity of managers and operational teams. Rather than being tethered to a desk or computer, they can stay up to date and get work done using their mobile phone or tablet.

• Health and safety – Our solutions help safeguard our employees, contractors, vendors, and guests, which is Priority One.
• Clarity – Employees understand their work persona, local regulations, company policies, and the steps they need to take to return safely to the workplace.
• Visibility – We not only have near real-time visibility into activities across the enterprise—which helps with day-to-day management of our facilities—but we can also track trends, such as space utilization, which enables us to optimize resources and plan for future needs.
• Compliance – Because our return-to-work activities and data are managed by the Now Platform, we can, if requested, provide health and government entities with information about COVID exposures, local safety measures, and more.
• Employee experience – We make it easy and convenient for employees to get local information and guidance and complete their return-to-work tasks, which gives them more time to focus on value-added work.
• Product quality – As Customer Zero for our products, we provide feedback and recommendations to our product teams, so that the solutions that reach our customers are the best they can be.

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