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Driving innovation and sustainable growth with automated workflows for employees and customers


Cost reduction as a percentage of revenue


In productivity gains through digital workflows


Point increase in support-call NPS

ServiceNow is the fastest‑growing $1‑billion cloud enterprise software company in the world. We are focused on digitizing workflows. Our employees use our own solutions to accelerate our business and deliver innovations across multiple functional departments, while at the same time keeping our operational costs to a minimum.

True end-to-end digital transformation at ServiceNow

ServiceNow leads by example and sees record company growth
ServiceNow is one of the fastest-growing cloud enterprise software companies in the world, with a 30% increase in customers annually. Dedicated to “making the world of work, work better for people,” the company is on track to grow to a $4 billion business by 2020 and currently services more than 5,400 enterprise customers.

Success brings challenges. Chris Bedi, CIO at ServiceNow, explains: “Our growth was beginning to put stress on our internal functions, many of which were initially very manual. It became clear we could become a victim of our own success if we didn’t contain costs and automate processes to improve productivity. Digital transformation was the answer.”

Digital transformation through automation is essential for ServiceNow to keep pace with staffing and revenue goals
Chris and his team looked closely at opportunities to effectively scale IT operations, onboard thousands of employees, and deliver excellent service for the company’s growing customer base. Chris also believed that ServiceNow needed to use analytics and artificial intelligence to help employees work faster and smarter.

To address these challenges, Chris designed a plan for company-wide digital transformation, using ServiceNow technologies to achieve the vision. “We needed to deliver automation across the enterprise, connect different platforms, and create a great experience for employees and customers to unlock productivity,” explains Chris. “There was only one platform I knew of that could help us achieve that—the Now Platform®.”

The Now Platform transforms the IT experience with self-service, predictive intelligence, and automation
ServiceNow realized it could better manage demand and resources by digitizing legacy manual processes to accelerate service delivery.

“We improved IT Service Management productivity by 65% by automating our incident and request management processes,” says Mirza Baig, Director of IT Service Management at ServiceNow.

IT leveraged artificial intelligence to improve agent productivity and incident resolution. This reduced the number of incidents per employee by 20%, and allowed IT to shift its investment and deliver a new employee portal with self-service and virtual agents, transforming how employees engage with IT.

Using IT Operations Management, ServiceNow dramatically improved the quality of its shared infrastructure services by eliminating service outages before they occur. Through event management and process improvements, the company has seen a 67% reduction in P1 and P2 incidents.

ServiceNow people are working in a modern office

We’ve created $95 million dollars of value across the organization using our own products. Digital workflows are changing the way our employees work and how they serve customers.

Chris Bedi


ServiceNow also improved security operations productivity by 4x using its Security and Operations products to automate workflows for incident response. Because Security Operations is integrated with the Now Platform,analysts have instant access to IT configuration data in real time. This accelerates investigation and reduces the burden on the IT department.

“Often times the handoff between security and IT is manual, and information and speed are often lost in that process,” says Ben de Bont, Chief Information Security Officer at ServiceNow. “Speed of course is very important when delivering a patch or some type of remediation. So, security and IT need to integrate to help ensure a sufficient risk posture. The same prioritization that security is using should get handed off to IT so they are looking at this from a single pane of glass.”

Having data in Security Operations rather than in spreadsheets or other tools allows analysts to spend more time on other efforts, such as refining alerts and creating knowledge base articles.

“With the Now Platform and our own out-of-the-box products, we transformed IT and reduced costs across our operations,” Chris says. “However, not all costs are created equal. It’s really important to me that we eliminate wasteful spending and that our investments deliver the value we expect. Moving 13% of our budget from run to innovation is what I mean about getting better value out of our spend.”

ServiceNow improves the employee experience and accelerates onboarding with HR Service Delivery
ServiceNow used the Now Platform to transform the company’s new-hire onboarding experience.

“We’re growing our headcount significantly each year and onboarding a lot of people in a short amount of time,” explains Pat Wadors, Chief Human Resources Officer at ServiceNow. “This presents both an opportunity and a risk. How do you onboard thousands of people in an efficient and personalized way that reinforces your culture and expectations, makes them feel welcome, and helps them start successfully on day one?”

To allow the company to better scale globally, the HR team deployed ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. Our company’s employee service center provides an easy-to-use and one-stop shop for new hires. Prior to day one, new hires can view their action items and complete onboarding tasks anytime, anywhere, from any device. Progress is tracked, so they know what’s done, due, or overdue.

“We now have a single, onboarding solution across the company,” explains Danielle Lulley, Sr. Manager, HR Applications at ServiceNow. “By taking a digital approach, we achieved an 86% new-hire satisfaction score and can onboard employees 60% faster than before. Plus, many of those new hires are millennials who expect consumer-like experiences at work as they do in their personal lives. We need to be on the forefront of employee experience to attract the best talent.”

“But improving the employee experience goes beyond new-hire onboarding,” says Chris. “We are simplifying processes and digitizing workflows across our company in legal, finance, procurement, internal audit, and partner operations to make employees’ lives better. To date, we have a $42M cost avoidance across these five departments.”

With Customer Service Management, ServiceNow intelligently fixes problems before customers know they have them
Between 2013 and 2015, low-priority customer cases grew over three times and keeping the status quo would have resulted in over 100,000 similar cases by the end of 2018. Digitizing customer service management was needed to eliminate customer outages and scale support and cloud operations to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

ServiceNow integrated IT Operations Management discovery and event management with customer service management to help ensure proactive notification when issues arise and immediate resolution before customers are even aware. The company also redesigned its customer experience to drive more self-service via knowledge management, and implemented virtual agents to drive action to instantly take care of common customer requests. This drives up customer satisfaction and lets the support team focus on the most urgent problems for customers. Between 2015 and 2017 ServiceNow increased its customer support NPS by 11 points and achieved$13.4 million in agent productivity gains.

Anand Verma, ServiceNow Vice President of Global Support, reports that the digital transformation of customer service management is helping the company reimagine the entire customer service experience. “In the last two years alone, we achieved a 25% case deflection through our service portal because customers can resolve issues through fast, efficient self-service,” he says. “As a result, we had 12% lower case growth than customer growth.”

ServiceNow employees are proud of and empowered by business success driven by the Now Platform 
Across the company, ServiceNow employees are justifiably proud of the impact the company’s solutions have had on key aspects of its business.

By focusing on three strategic elements—velocity, productivity, and experience—Chris’ team used the Now Platform to drive scalability, save time, reduce routine work, and drive analytics for better decision making across the enterprise.

According to Gio Bocao, Director of Strategic Initiatives at ServiceNow, in just 16 months ServiceNow saved 1.1 million manual work hours. “To get those million hours, we worked with every department that used ServiceNow products to perform their work,” he says. “Nearly half of the 1.1 million manual hours saved by ServiceNow were achieved through customer-facing efficiencies.”

Many of the 1.1 million manual hours saved came from customer-facing efficiencies

“Often to achieve efficiency gains, you have to sacrifice something else,” says Chris Dowse, Senior Director, Inspire Insight Services at ServiceNow.“We didn’t make that sacrifice—we’re simply unlocking productivity and providing our employees a better work experience.”

Chris Bedi agrees: “The increase in productivity helped us focus more on innovation, customer care, and growth. We’ve been able to redeploy 13% of our IT budget to innovating and accelerating service delivery. Also, by using our own products to transform IT, we’ve seen a 1% cost reduction as a percentage of revenue. This equates to $25 million in IT operating expenses that we’ve shifted to more strategic initiatives.”

“It’s a source of pride that we’ve created $95 million dollars of value across the organization using our own products,” concludes Chris Bedi. “Digital workflows are changing the way our employees work and serve customers. Being able to tell this story externally is both powerful and satisfying—and our journey has only just begun.”

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