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NTT Data uses CSM on the Now Platform
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Seamless hybrid working and vaccine management

Ease of use through a unified portal with a seamless user interface

Optimized vaccine inventory management and minimized wastage

Integrated EX platform with Microsoft Teams for an excellent employee experience

Need to centralize widespread information
Present in over 50 countries, NTT DATA is a global provider of IT and business services headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With a vision of being a Trusted Global Innovator, it helps clients transform through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, IT modernization, and managed services.

To optimize its entire value chain from system development and operations right through to sales, NTT DATA embarked on a largescale digital transformation that included a complete refresh of its core systems.

NTT DATA had been offering an enterprise information portal for its employees for some time, but the content was not well structured.

“Information was spread across the company and took time to find. Also, access points differed by request type, making the process very stressful for employees,” says Dai Urano, Vice President, Business Transformation, Strategy Office, Corporate Headquarters, NTT DATA.

In addition, data on the portal site was primarily text-based. The user interface was designed to be viewed on a PC, so employees had a poor experience when using other devices, particularly mobile phones.

“With a smartphone, you can easily obtain, request, and approve required information at any time and from anywhere, through a simple process,” adds Urano. “We wanted to bring this level of convenience to our enterprise information portal.”

Creation of a new employee platform
The solution was to create a new EX platform that would increase employee touchpoints and allow them to seamlessly access company information, submit requests, and benefit from knowledge banks.

To achieve this transformation, NTT DATA turned to ServiceNow and based its new portal on ServiceNow HR Service Delivery which streamlines the employee service experience with intelligent workflows. By simplifying access to services, it is designed to deliver the right experience to employees anywhere.

“Integrating Microsoft Teams into ServiceNow HR Service Delivery as a part of our EX platform will help our employees easily navigate the information they need across one familiar platform and enable better collaboration between employees no matter where they work,” explains Urano.

Thanks to low code/no code construction, a beta version of the EX platform was released in just two months and early feedback on its functionality and usability was positive.

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NTT Data
NTT Data
Tokyo, Japan
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Our people are our most valuable asset. That’s why we focused on ensuring their health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Toshi Fujiwara

Representative Director and Senior Executive Vice President

Easier access to well-structured data
Using ServiceNow helps the company centralize data that was previously spread across multiple departments, systems, and databases. Users simply enter a topic in the search bar to access information from the appropriate location. Numerous different requests and approvals can be processed on a single portal without having to access separate systems.

In addition to improving the working lives of its own employees, NTT DATA also provides ServiceNow solutions to its clients as Executive Manager of the ServiceNow Business Promotion Office, Tomoyuki Azuma, explains: “ServiceNow offers products and solutions for various functions. We decided to create a successful example by transforming our internal EX and using it to showcase ServiceNow to our clients.

Workflows to manage COVID vaccination
ServiceNow has also been called into play to help NTT DATA manage its COVID vaccination program. “Our people are always the source of value creation and our most valuable asset. That’s why we focused on ensuring their health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Workplace vaccination is one of our main priorities,” says Toshi Fujiwara, Representative Director and Senior Executive Vice President of NTT DATA Corporation.

The ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management (VAM) solution has been used to create a reservation system. Appointments are made simply by selecting a date and time on a dedicated portal.

“The period between deciding to implement workplace vaccinations and accepting reservations was very short, so we investigated options that already had the necessary functionality to speed up the process. We selected ServiceNow,” says Seidai Ishida of the Human Resources Management Department.

This system also has a customized function that emails waiting employees when a reservation becomes available. Masahiro Ishida of the Health Promotion Office remarks: “The ServiceNow system makes it easy to add new functions, so we are able to provide an agile response using the right solutions.”

NTT DATA will continue to adopt ServiceNow solutions, and with its newly acquired knowledge and experience it plans to support further workflow transformation both internally and for clients.

Urano concludes: “ServiceNow can support enterprise transformation initiatives. We will first master its functions, then offer the same value to our clients to promote transformation across the nation.” 

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Explore the solution that helps NTT DATA deliver a vaccination appointment system

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