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NTT DATA Services employees RiseUp with ServiceNow


Delivers significant customer value in just 30 days


Provides an intuitive learning experience to get from point A to point B


Creates a modern learning environment with flexible options

New market opportunities

NTT DATA Services is an award-winning ServiceNow partner. Part of the NTT Group, the company is a trusted global IT and business service innovator, helping clients around the world to transform through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, IT modernization, and managed services.

NTT DATA Services is at the forefront of delivering innovation that matters. One of its key focus areas is ERP modernization, leveraging the combined power of ServiceNow and SAP to simplify and streamline inherently complex enterprise processes. How is NTT DATA Services building the ServiceNow skills it needs to seize this market opportunity and deliver exceptional outcomes for its clients? RiseUp with ServiceNow.

From products to personas

“We’re seeing a fundamental shift in customer needs. ServiceNow opens up huge, hyper-automation opportunities for our clients, which takes a real shift in mindset. It’s no longer about implementing individual products. You need to focus on persona-based workflows that span business functions, explains Robert Duffner, Digital Portfolio Leader at NTT DATA Services. “That’s a key strength of ServiceNow—automating work across business functions while maintaining the service context throughout the whole process.

Unlocking opportunities for staff and customers

Robert continues, “To maximize the benefits we deliver to clients, we need to embrace this shift in mindset ourselves and continually build our delivery capacity. That’s why we’re so excited about RiseUp with ServiceNow. It provides the role-based training we need and allows us to skill up new resources quickly to better serve our customers. It’s helping us evolve our ServiceNow capabilities so we can scale and take full advantage of every business opportunity.

“With RiseUp with ServiceNow, we can give an NTT DATA Services employee the core ServiceNow skills they need to deliver significant customer value in just 30 days. And that’s just the start. RiseUp with ServiceNow lays out entire career journeys, and they’re fantastic,” says Robert. “Our employees get a complete roadmap for career development and can continue to build their skills—and career opportunities—as they progress. This applies whether they want to be an implementer, business analyst, developer, or an industry specialist. That’s good for us, good for our customers, and good for them.”

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NTT DATA Services
Plano, Texas
Business and IT Service Provider
Customer Story Quote Background

We can give an employee the core ServiceNow skills they need in just 30 days.

Robert Duffner

Digital Portfolio Leader

A delightful learning experience

Robert is also enthusiastic about the RiseUp with ServiceNow learning platform, saying, “RiseUp with ServiceNow is built on an intuitive learning management system. It delivers a delightful learning experience for our people and makes it easy for them to see how to get from point A to point B. That’s particularly important for our new entrants, such as new university grads. They expect a modern learning environment, not a legacy dinosaur.”

The flexible learning options allow people to fit training into the way they work. “The feedback has been fantastic,” says Robert. “Our people say they come out well prepared to hit the ground running.” And the flexible learning options allow our people to fit training into the way they work. The feedback is fantastic. Our people say they come out well prepared to hit the ground running.”

Helping to reinforce its unique customer value

Most importantly, RiseUp with ServiceNow allows NTT DATA Services to focus on delivering differentiated value to clients. “With RiseUp with ServiceNow, all these core skills are there for the taking. That makes it incredibly easy for us. We just need to point someone at a career journey, and they’re on their way. We don’t have to worry about building all of this ourselves,” says Robert. “That means we can focus our time on our value add—our best practices and methodologies for implementing services. That’s the above and beyond for our clients, and it dovetails perfectly with the foundational skills we’re building with RiseUp with ServiceNow.”

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